6 Facial Cleansers Perfect for Women with Combination Skin
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  • Having combination skin is tricky since you'll need products that will cater to both your dry and oily spots. It's often an issue of trial-and-error, but we've made things easier for you by narrowing it down to six items that you can try. When you find something that you're hiyang with, then best stick to it!

    1. Human Nature Bare Necessity Cleansing Balm
    Available at HumanHeartNature.com, P295


    This product is great as your first step during double cleansing. It immediately turns into oil once you massage it onto your face, and you don't even have to deal with the mess that usually comes with oil cleansers in bottle pumps. It effectively removes grime and makeup, but avoid the eye area as it can sting when it gets into your peepers.

    2. Bioré Uru Uru 2-in-1 Instant Foaming Wash
    Available at The SM Store on Lazada, P299

    This hard-working Japanese wash is for women who aren't into multi-step cleansing but want immediate results. The foam can easily take out light makeup and residue without drying your skin out. It's perfect for stressful after-work nights when you're too tired to do a full cleansing routine.

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    3. Esfolio Pure Egg Cleansing Foam
    Available at Esfolio.ph, P359


    If you've got trouble with huge pores that collect oil and dirt, then this is the cleanser for you. A pea-sized amount can easily foam up your entire face, removing deep-seated dirt (especially on and around your nose) and leaving you with a squeaky clean complexion.

    4. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Mousse Cleanser 
    Available at The SM Store on Lazada, P468

    Your mom has probably recommended this brand to you and for good reason: it has been around for a long time, and is known for its gentle products. Their hydrating foam cleanser does exactly what it says—it washes away dust and makeup residue while keeping your skin plump and moisturized. 

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    5. VMV Hypoallergenics Hydra Balance Gentle Cream Cleanser for Combination Skin
    Available at BeautyMNL, P765


    A product for those who break out easily, it promises to remove excess oil and soothe irritation. You can also use it with a manual or electronic facial brush for deeper cleansing! 

    6. Eau Thermale Avène Gentle Milk Cleanser
    Available at Watsons, P1,554

    Goodbye, dry spots! This product immediately lifts and hydrates your face while balancing oil and everything else out. One pump is enough for one application, and you won't even need to rinse it off—simply wipe off the excess with a wet tissue or a soft towel. It leaves you with glowing and even skin, plus it smells really fresh and gentle to boot! It's the perfect way to start your routine in the morning, as it makes a good base for your makeup application.


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