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  • We Tried an All-in-One Facial That Prevents Hair Fall AND Burns 'Facial Fats'

    Yes, this facial treatment claims to benefit both the skin and the hair. We put it to the test.
    by Lei Dimarucut-Sison .
We Tried an All-in-One Facial That Prevents Hair Fall AND Burns 'Facial Fats'
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  • I am not what you would call a vain person, and I rarely go out for me-time. In between work and managing a home and a family with two boys (that includes my husband), who has the time, really?

    Generally, my pampering routine would consist of a massage (to ease stress) and a pedicure. For my face, I do get my eyebrows threaded every few months and get a facial whenever I remember (that's almost never).

    I have combination skin on my face: oily on my forehead, dry around the mouth, with red patchy areas on the cheeks. Given that I haven't had a facial in weeks (months, a year, who knows?) it was going to take more than just a simple treatment for my skin to be healthy again.

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    Ultima Facial

    The Ultima facial treatment by Bianca Festejo (also called Jet Clear in its other branches) promises to do a lot in one treatment: reduction of fine lines and wrinkles while providing a visible lift. It also guarantees that even the most sensitive skin types will love the cool and calming sensation it delivers.

    I kept my expectations in check, knowing how beauty centers tend to overpromise. And how much can one session do, really? At the very least, I was looking forward to the hydraufacial, which I have never tried before.

    The first step in the treatment was to clean the face. Unlike in other facial treatments that I've tried before where you lay on the bed and the aesthetician does the work for you, I was asked to wash my face by the sink.


    On the treatment bed, the aesthetician then proceeded with cavitation, a process using a machine that would "burn the fats on my face" and give the angles some definition. It felt like a relaxing massage for the face.

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    The next step involved using the RF wand for skin tightening. I kept asking the aesthetician if I'm supposed to feel any pain before each step, as I have a low tolerance for pain (never mind tiis-ganda). Fortunately, everything was comfortable.

    The next part was what I loved the most. When the aesthetician told me that the hydraufacial would involve both the face and the scalp, I thought I would be soaked in water (silly me!). Instead, she used a wand that released a cool stream of air and tiny droplets of water, letting it pass from my forehead to the crevices around my eyes, down my nose and cheeks, to my chin. I was so glad to know that besides hydrating the skin, this step also sucks out blackheads and whiteheads, which effectively replaces the pricking step on most cases. It was so relaxing I might have fallen asleep for a few minutes. The same procedure was done on my scalp, and what it supposedly does is help prevent hair fall. If you're a mom experiencing excessive hair loss postpartum, this is something you need.

    Finally, the moisturizing oxygen facial mask was applied to let my skin absorb the vitamins and the serum. This last step capped the two-hour Ultima facial treatment.

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    PHOTO BY Lei Sison

    Overall, the Ultima facial treatment was rejuvenating. The skin on my face lost its dull texture after shedding more than just a few grams of dead skin cells (good riddance) and felt finer and tighter. But what I would like to highlight is how I seem to have lost some fats on the face (operative word: seem) with just one session.

    At Php2,500 per session or a discounted price of Php10,000 for a package of six sessions, I would recommend it to fellow moms not only to get yourself feeling good again, but also to help you regain your confidence and clear your head, if only for a few hours a month.

    Bianca Festejo The Beauty Expert has branches in Taguig, Quezon City, and Makati (Me and My Skin by Bianca Festejo). For inquiries, call (02) 616-5611.

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