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  • Look! 6 Hairstyle Ideas for Your Little One's First Haircut

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Look! 6 Hairstyle Ideas for Your Little One's First Haircut
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  • A child’s first haircut is a milestone for both parents and kid. In fact, people follow unique hair-cutting traditions in some parts of the world. In Polynesia, boys receive gifts after their first haircut. Kids in China are given a “good luck” haircut that comes with red-dyed food and a red hat to be worn after.

    Here in the Philippines, Pinoys believe in the "pamahiin" that children should not be given a haircut right before their first birthday or else they’ll have bad luck (not true). There’s also the belief that shaving your baby's head will make his or her hair grow thicker (we have our doubts).

    The truth is there is no right time or age for children to get their first trim. The most obvious reason to give your child a haircut is when his or her hair has become too long and unmanageable. Another thing to consider is if your child can already sit still — take note even a simple trim can take an hour (or more) to do!

    Before you and your child visit the nearest kiddie salon, check out the following hairstyle ideas for your kid’s first haircut.


    1. Chin-length bob

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    If your daughter has pin-straight hair, go for a simple cut that’s easy to dry and style. You can ask the stylist to do this side-swept, asymmetrical bob to accentuate your daughter’s eyes and cheekbones.

    2. Shoulder-length waves

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    The biggest challenge with naturally curly hair is it can become unmanageable as it grows longer. Keep your little girl’s hair from becoming unruly (without sacrificing her curls) by going for a medium-length cut. Use pretty hair clips or a headband to keep those locks out of her face.

    3. Long layers with bangs

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    Ask the stylist to add layers to lessen the volume and make the hair easier to style. You can also request for a full fringe or some wispy bangs to keep hair out of her eyes.


    1. Side-swept cut

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    For the cutie who just turned 2, leaving his hair a bit longer on top and trimming the sides is the way to go. Achieve this sleek look by asking your son’s barber to do a deep side part before cutting the hair. Finish it up with a kiddie styling mousse to keep those long-ish strands in place.

    2. Faux-hawk

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    Practically any kind of short haircut (except a buzzcut, of course) can be turned into a faux-hawk. Just make sure your son's hair on top is longer than those on the sides of his face. This trendy hairstyle can be achieved by using gel. Apply a dollop on the top part of your son's hair, and raise up those locks in stiff spikes.

    3. Short, curly top

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    If your boy is blessed with naturally curly or wavy hair, you can opt to keep his beautiful curls. Just ask the barber to clean up the look by trimming the hair on the sides and at the back. Keeping these areas short will help avoid any irritation when your son starts to sweat during playtime.

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