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  • How to Have Perfect Underarms, According to Dr. Vicki Belo

    Here are four solutions if you aren't naturally blessed with beautiful armpits.
    by Rachel Perez .
How to Have Perfect Underarms, According to Dr. Vicki Belo
PHOTO BY JaoNgoh/iStock
  • If there is one woman who can tell us how to achieve flawless underarms, it is celeb dermatologist, Dr. Vicki Belo. Celebrity endorsers aside (and there are many), all you have to do is to take a peek at her Belo clinics to know she's trusted by everyone.         

    So what does it take to have the perfect kili-kili? Dr. Belo provides the effective remedies (and a Belo procedure, of course) in a video produced by (watch the full video below):

    PROBLEM: Overactive underarm sweat glands 
    SOLUTION: Botox

    Dr. Belo knows this concern pretty well; she has sweaty underarms herself! "I have been doing botox on my underarms for the last five years. It's the most wonderful procedure. You can just forget about your sweaty armpits." Botox Hyperhidrosis is usually done once every six months and "the great about it is [your underarms] are really, really dry," she shared.

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    2. PROBLEM: Unwanted armpit hair
    SOLUTION: Laser hair removal

    The Belo Medical Group clinics have several laser hair removal treatment you can choose from, such as Cool Glide Laser, G-MaxHarmony SHR, Light Sheer Diode Laser, and Motif Laser Hair Removal. Some are painful, but they require fewer sessions.

    3. PROBLEM: Uneven underarm skin
    SOLUTION: Revlite

    Uneven or chicken skin and discoloration are caused by friction due to shaving and plucking armpit hair. If you already have "those pimply little things, bumpy skin, or chicken skin," as Dr. Belo described, don't worry. Revlite is the procedure for you. It's a pleasant, non-invasive 20-minute procedure and takes about six to eight sessions every two weeks, depending on the patient's case. Revlite also helps lighten your skin and shrink your pores.

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    4. PROBLEM: Dark armpits
    SOLUTION: Starwalker

    For getting rid of dark armpits, Belo has a laser procedure that lightens skin by 98%. "It's a laser called Starwalker, and it's amazing. You do it once a month for four months; that's usually the minimum," Dr. Belo described. It gets rid of the mottled skin, brown spots, and red spots.  The laser targets melanin deposits and effectively lightens and smoothens the skin, improving the overall skin tone. 


    Of course, beauty treatments — even just for your armpits — come at a cost. But, hey, if there's any season to splurge and deal with those kili-kili issues, it's the holidays. Treat yourself! 

    For more information, Call 819-BELO (2356), visit their website or follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

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