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  • Bought the Wrong Shade of Foundation? Here's What You Can Do

    Here are 10 beauty hacks when you're not hiyang with your new makeup.
    by Dedet Reyes Panabi .
Bought the Wrong Shade of Foundation? Here's What You Can Do
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  • My bathroom counter is full of beauty products that I can’t use: foundation in the wrong shade, lipsticks that smudge or dry out my lips, moisturizers that made me break out. I’m too kuripot to throw them out, but life is too short to wear bad makeup. Here are some ways to reinvent or repurpose your beauty fails.

    #1 Custom-mix your foundation
    Many professional makeup artists mix shades to get the exact match. All you need is two foundation shades, a mixing bowl, and a small spoon to scoop it into an empty bottle or jar. Crush powder compacts for a multi-toned finishing powder. I actually buy two shades of powder intentionally because it gives a more natural, dimensional effect.

    #2 Use foundation to highlight and contour
    I have raccoon eyes -- discolored eyelids, heavy dark circles -- so I like setting my concealer with lighter foundation just to brighten up the area. Sometimes I brush it on my nosebridge and around my mouth, too. I’m too lazy to do the Kardashian contouring routine, but this sort of works and doesn’t require more brain power or fine motor skills than I have at 6 o’clock in the morning.

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    #3 Mix dark foundation into your sunscreen
    The sunscreen thins out the formula, so you get a much sheerer and more natural finish that makes up for the wrong shade. And, yay, for tinted sun protection!

    #4 Fix the wrong shade with matte bronzer
    If your foundation is just a little off, then you can warm it up by applying bronzer or a brownish blush with a very fluffy brush. Stay away from orange shades and check in natural light.

    #5 Layer lipsticks and lip liners
    A friend gave me a bubble-gum pink lipstick that was just so wrong for me. I would’ve given it away, but it was Chanel! No problem: I bought a deep red lip liner (P80 at the drugstore—score!), which deepened the shade. I also discovered that it’s a great base for other lipsticks. Apply, blot, swipe on another color, and voila—it’s like I own five more shades, all of which I love.

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    #6 Try the gradient lip
    This was a huge Korean makeup trend that can make your lips look fuller. Apply your fave color, then just dab the second color in the center of the lip. I like doing this with the shimmer lipsticks that have fallen out of fashion, or lighter nude shades that look flat when I wear them on their own.

    #7 Use lipstick as a cheek tint
    Confession: I’ve used red lipstick to cancel out dark circles and double as a cheek tint. No, I’m not a genius -- I just always forget my kikay kit at home. And surprise -- it worked better for me than the orange color corrector I bought for over P1,000.

    This beauty hack works best if you use a sheer lipstick and blend well with your fingers or a damp sponge. (Try smearing it first on your fist, then applying in light layers. Don’t apply lipstick directly -- red is hard to blend out, plus you can break your lipstick tube.)

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    #8 Mix your own lip tint
    Love the lipstick color, hate how it dries your lips? Scoop out the lipstick from the tube, add a little lip balm (try a waxy formula like Carmex or Chapstick), melt in the microwave. Pour into a jar and let it cool. You now have tinted lip balm!

    #9 Use skin care on your hands and neck
    The skin on your hands and neck are a lot thicker and less sensitive than your face. So if a serum or moisturizer caused you to break out, try applying them there before tossing it out. I also turned a facial oil that felt way too greasy into a cuticle oil. Sometimes I’d mix a little brown sugar into the drops to get rid of the dry bits on the fingertips in between mani-pedis.

    The same goes for leave-on face masks or clay masks. They’re great for hands, knees and feet (you pay about P300 for a similar treatment at spas), which actually need more detoxing and moisturizing than we usually give them!

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    #10 Turn conditioner into shaving cream. 
    I once tried an olive oil hair conditioner that made my hair smell like I’d washed it in salad dressing. Instead of tossing it out, I used it for shaving. Hey, does the job, and it moisturizes too.

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