These Tips Will Help You Banish Wrinkles and Puffy Eyes

Get rid of some of these signs of aging.

While laugh lines are milestones of joy, wrinkles and eye bags are generally signs of aging that are not exactly a cause for celebration. But don't worry (it will only lead to more wrinkles!). Here's a skincare tip for every situation.


Sleep right

There is such a thing as sleep wrinkles, which are directly caused by the skin being pressed on the pillow. The bad news is such wrinkles become permanent if you continue sleeping on that particular side.


TO DO: Sleep on your back. Not only does this result to firmer skin. It also aligns your back. But if you happen to be pregnant, or if you have back problems and other medical concerns, it's better to opt for a silk or satin pillowcase instead of sleeping on your back. By using the slippery fabric, there will be less friction between the smooth surface and the skin.


Avoid too much salt

Those spots under your eyes get puffy because of fluid retention, and one of the triggers is an overindulgence in salty food.

TO DO: Breads, cured meats, poultry, canned soup, sandwiches, and your beloved pizza are what the American Heart Association and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention call the Salty Six. Now that you know the culprits, it's best to avoid them and choose fresh, healthy substitutes. Here's an idea: why not make your own soup? Or throw together a salad? This way, you know what goes into each dish.



Wear sunglasses

You know what squinting can lead to? That's right, more wrinkles! The more you squint, the more the skin creases. And let's not forget those bad, bad UV rays that we all know cause wrinkles.

TO DO: Sunglasses reduce glare, sparing your eyes from too much squinting. They also shield your eyes and skin from UV rays, and most important of all, they give you ultra cool mommy points with zero effort.


Apply eye makeup correctly

Tug, pull, stretch—let's admit it, a lot of us are guilty of this when it comes to applying eye makeup. Getting the skin nice and taut may give us the perfect cat eye, but it can also bring on more wrinkles.

TO DO: Go for liquid or gel liners. These beauty tools glide on more smoothly, thus minimizing tugging. Oops, hand slipped? Fix smudges with a cotton swab instead of rubbing them off with your fingers.



Start an anti-aging regimen now

Along with change, we count stress and aging as constants in life. But this definitely doesn't mean that we admit defeat to them; there are ways to battle the effects of these baddies.

TO DO: The best and simplest way to win the battle is to begin an anti-aging regimen ASAP. For example, make applying sunscreen a staple in your routine.

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Here's to looking up to 10 years younger!

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Pond's.