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Dr. Vicki Belo's Everyday Skincare Routine Takes Six Steps
PHOTO BY @victoria_belo/INSTAGRAM
  • Running one of the country’s largest and most popular cosmetic dermatology and surgery clinic requires you to walk the talk, and Dr. Vicki Belo certainly does not disappoint — just look at her youthful, glowing skin! As it turns out, the doctor doesn’t use a lot of products on her face, just six with ingredients that work wonders.

    In an interview with Preview.ph, Dr. Belo shares her daily skincare routine, including her must-have skincare step: “Of course, washing my face!” After cleansing, she exfoliates, then uses a toner.

    “We have Balatone, a toner that’s good and not too strong, so it doesn’t destroy the acid mantle of the face,” she tells Preview. “When your skin is is prepared, you can now put on your creams.”

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    While most skincare routines include moisturizers, Dr. Belo advises against it. “Usually, when you apply moisturizer, your skin becomes soft, especially with continued use. But what people don’t know is that once you stop applying, your skin will still feel the same dryness as before,” Dr. Belo writes in an article for Preview.


    She adds, “Moisturizers are a band-aid solution because they really don’t address the problem. (The problem being that the old, dead skin should come off just like a baby’s.) Instead, the old skin remains sitting on top of your face, but you won’t notice it because it feels soft like new skin. The more you put moisturizer, the more the old skin won’t come off.”

    Apart from moisturizers, Dr. Belo also refrains from doing a 12-step skincare routine like most Koreans do. “I only do two medicines at night, two in the morning,” she shares.

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    These “medicines” are glycolic acid exfoliator and vitamin C in the morning, and in the evening, a product called Brightalive, which has a combination of secret ingredients that doesn’t contain hydroquinone. “To lighten my skin — because as you get older, you get hyperpigmentation,” the doctor explains. “And then every other day, I use tretinoin, so I don’t get the redness and the peeling that used to go with it before.”

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    Glycolic acid exfoliator and vitamin C two morning products work together to help Dr. Belo achieve the best results. “Glycolic to make sure my skin turnover is good and then the penetration of Vitamin C stops the free radicals from the sun,” she says, before adding that the final step during the day is to put sunblock.

    It’s not just about choosing the right beauty products, but making a conscious effort to be healthy, too. “I think it’s important to hydrate and drink hydrogen water, or just drink lots and lots of water,” she points out. “Working out is really good, you have to do some kind of cardio so when you perspire, you can get your blood circulation going.”

    How does your skincare routine look like and what are your favorite go-to products and brands? Share it with us in the comments!

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