5 Realistic Tricks to Make You Look Taller
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  • You've probably encountered and exhausted various solutions that can help lengthen your frame in the past. Here, we share more tricks to try to add instant inches to your height:

    1. Wear a shorter ‘do.

    Long hair drags down petite ladies, and having it snipped right above or few inches below the shoulders create a good job of lifting off the weight.

    2. Do a top knot.


    If you can’t part with your long locks, you can still add significant inches to your height by tying your tresses into a top knot.

    3. Believe that high-waist bottoms are the best!

    The lower body can be elongated by wearing high-rise skirts, shorts, or pants. Just make sure that they fit your booty perfectly to avoid looking like suman.

    4. Say no to big bags.


    Oversized bags drown a petite frame. A handbag that is smaller than your shoulder-width is your best bet.

    5. Be mindful of your footwear of choice.

    Pointy toe shoes, nude footwear, and shoes with a low-cut vamp (one that shows toe cleavage) make your legs and feet appear more fluid and longer. 

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