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  • 6 Easy Ways to Look and Feel Good When Breastfeeding While Traveling

    After all, we want to look our best when we have those family vacation photos taken!
    by Tiffany Santos Canseco .
6 Easy Ways to Look and Feel Good When Breastfeeding While Traveling
  • When we go on family vacations, we want to make sure our children have memories to last them a lifetime. And we document those memories through photos our kids can look back on when they grow up — and which we share on Facebook or Instagram, of course! 

    We want to look our best — and travel chic! But it’s tricky for breastfeeding moms because they need to feed their baby while they are always on the move (and managing a million of things). 

    To help you get that IG-worthy photo, we list down outfit ideas to help you look good but still be able to nurse anytime and anywhere.

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    1. Pack a plain top with a built-in bra.


    With a built-in bra, you can quickly pull your top up and feed your baby, without the hassle of preparing your nursing bra. 

    Style tip: Match it with printed pants to add a pop of color and stand out.

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    2. You can never go wrong with wrap dresses.

    Wrap dresses in a stretch fabric are accessible to, well, move down anytime. Aside from being a trendy piece now, running around while wearing it is comfortable.

    Style tip: Wear it with your favorite white sneakers. 

    3. Use your favorite button-downs.

    One of the most popular hacks by other moms is to wear a button-down top or dress. Merely unbutton the first few parts then you’re ready to go.


    Style tip: Wear it with a garter-based pair of shorts (like this one from Uniqlo), so it’s easy to tuck your button-down shirt anytime.

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    4. Try wearing an off-shoulder.

    Use the garter-type (like this drapy ribbed off-shoulder top from Uniqlo), so it stretches. You can pull down the top once your baby feels hungry. Once you’re done the feeding, pull it up, and you’re good to go. 


    5. Wear your tie swimsuit.

    Heading to the beach? Provide easy breastfeeding access by using tie swimsuit. You can untie one of the sides to feed your baby.

    Style tip: Feeling a little bit daring? Try using your favorite one-piece swimsuit as a top. It gives you that instant tummy tuck, so you don’t need to find your angle to get that perfect photo.

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    6. Find tops with wrinkle-proof fabric.


    Having a crumpled outfit can make you look tired. Ribbed tops or Airism tops from Uniqlo is one of the popular choices by most moms. It’s both lightweight and comfy at the same time.

    Style tip: You can pair it with a gartered skirt with unique print or cut to give you a little bit of that trendy look. 


    Don’t be afraid to try different styles to figure out your traveling uniform. Mix and match to see what you are most comfortable wearing while traveling and nursing. Last but not the least, have fun and enjoy that bonding time with your baby.

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