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  • Wear These 5 Colors Year-Round to Attract Luck in the Year of the Pig

    If you’re looking for an excuse to shop, make sure these colors are in your cart.
    by Kitty Elicay .
Wear These 5 Colors Year-Round to Attract Luck in the Year of the Pig
PHOTO BY courtesy of Zalora ILLUSTRATOR Natz Bade
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  • Wearing an outfit in your favorite color can already make you feel empowered and give you that much-needed energy to face the day, don’t you agree? But if you’re a firm believer of Feng Shui, you’d know that wearing this year’s auspicious colors will not only brighten and uplift your aura — it will also attract luck into your lives. Whether you believe in these traditions or not, there’s no harm in knowing what they are!

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    Here are the lucky colors for 2019’s Year of the Earth Pig


    The main element of this year is Earth, and complementing energies include Fire and Metal. According to entertainment website Karma Weather, the lucky colors to wear are those that symbolize the Fire element, which feeds the earth. It includes shades of red, as well as orange, and pink.

    In an interview with GMA News, feng shui adviser Johnson Chua suggests wearing clothes in the shades of “red agate or red garnet, which can boost our power and boost our emotions to positivity.”

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    Metal feeds on the earth, so it is considered another stabilizer. The element is represented by white and gold hues.

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    Chua adds that yellow hues can also help stabilize the earth element. He suggests the shade citrine, which is a pale to golden yellow color.

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    According to the Chinese zodiac, the pig’s intrinsic elements are Water and Wood, which is represented by the colors blue and green. Chua’s suggested shade to wear is jade.


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    If you’re planning to combine white (metal) with green (wood), Karma Weather notes that metal can cut wood, so it’s important to add a combination of colors specific to water, which is blue or black.


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    If there are lucky colors, are there also unlucky colors? Yes, but it will depend on your birth year and Chinese zodiac. According to the website The Chinese Zodiac, those who were born in the years of the Ox, Snake, Horse, Rooster, and Pig should avoid wearing black. Cyan Blue is not advisable for those born in the years of the Tiger, Dragon, and Monkey. Dogs and Goats should avoid wearing green, Rabbits won’t attract luck if they’re wearing white, and Rats should avoid beige.


    We hope you have a prosperous Year of the Pig!

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