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This Post-Preggy Shapewear Earns Celeb Moms' Approval!
PHOTO BY Amanda Jacob, Joy Sotto, and Bianca Elizalde/Instagram
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  • If you think childbirth marks the end of your pregnancy journey, well, that's a yes and a no. Posing another challenge is your "fourth trimester," or the first three months after giving birth. You're busy with caring for your little one, which takes up almost all your time and energy, but at the same time, you're also coping with your new postpartum body.

    Most women often struggle when it comes to getting their pre-pregnant body back, but celebrities don't seem to have the same problem. Good genes perhaps, but for the likes of Joy W. Sotto, Bianca Araneta-Elizalde, Amanda Griffin Jacob, and Cat Arambulo-Antonio, they actually use binders for support. They've tried a lot in previous pregnancies, but their latest favorite is postpartum shapewear called Wink.

    Joy wanted to give Wink a try since it was different from the binders she had used from her past four pregnancies. "I've even tried using a custom-made corset but all were so uncomfortable that I ended up not using any of it," she lamented. "When I gave birth to my fifth child, I was looking forward to using Wink right away but the unexpected happened. I had a C-section, my first, and I totally didn't know anything about it and also didn't know what to expect." 

    The now mom of five complained about the hospital-issued binder, saying she felt pain whenever she attempted to stand. "I felt like my tummy was so heavy, and that my uterus and everything inside were about to fall out!" she said. Then, she saw on Instagram that Wink, made from soft breathable material that looked like regular underwear, was meant to be used right after having a C-section and immediately wore hers.

    "Oh, wow, it was like magic! The pain became so bearable, and it gave my tummy area and my back extra support. I could easily sit up and stand. My wound area didn't hurt anymore because nothing was pressing hard on it. I could even walk a bit faster compared to when I was using the hospital binder," Joy stressed. Wink also made breastfeeding so easier and comfortable for her.

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    Bianca also attests to Wink's ease of use. "I've tried so many different binders -- local and imported ones -- and Wink Ultra Bikini is by far the most comfortable binder I've tried," the mom of four and co-author of Project Mom, shares. "I don't get red marks, I don't itch, it's invisible under clothing, it doesn't ride up your hips and waist. It feels so good to be able to tighten the corset a notch every other day!" Bianca says.

    Her fellow Project Mom co-author Amanda also says Wink worked wonders for her tummy, which "is one of the toughest areas to get back to normal." The mom of three says in her testimonial, "[Wink] holds everything in and smoothens out the fat. I wore my Wink shapewear for several months after I gave birth until it became too roomy for my weight loss."  

    Cat, who is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger, swears her C-section recovery was more manageable because of the same shapewear. "I was able to move more. It just kept me secure and, at the same time, I could wear jeans and leggings. She could even work out while wearing it. 

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    We know you're curious so here are answers to some questions you might have about Wink Shapewear:

    What is it?
    It claims to be the only medical grade binder and has been proven to reduce inches over a targeted area. It is constructed using "F5 certified material." In the garment industry, this certification means the garment fabric provides "the standard amount of pressure even with high dynamic stretching. It is soft and durable. And it provides moisture management capabilities for greater patient comfort."

    Can you use it right after giving birth?
    Based on Cat's and Joy's examples, yes. You can use whether you've given birth via normal delivery or C-section. The celeb moms say it helps in faster recovery and effective pain relief post operation. It can also be used both as a support after other abdominal operation such as hysterectomy, appendectomy, or liposuction.

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    It can also be worn as a slimming shapewear or waist trainer for women who can wear it at any stage in their life. It supports your hip, thigh and tummy muscles, rather than strain it, so your clothes fit better. It has a seamless and smooth design that the celeb moms say people won't notice you are wearing it.

    How long do you have to wear it?
    According to its website, it is important to wear the shapewear regularly at least for the first eight weeks after chilbdirth. Wearing it can provide support the abdominal, back muscles, and posture.  

    Is it comfortable?
    Wink is made of 51-percent Tactel Nylon and 49-percent Lycrasoft. The material allows wearers to cool and dry by providing optimal moisture management. They are also 100% latex and formaldehyde free so you can be guaranteed that you won't get any irritation or allergies. 

    Is it breastfeeding-friendly, too?
    By all accounts, it seems so. Its garments have no bones that can stick to your ribs and hips, and no Velcro parts that can irritate your skin and your baby's skin as you breastfeed. Wearing it feels like second skin.

    Wink Shapewear is available to order online via urbanessentials.com.ph and is also available in Mothercare, Rustan’s, and The Parenting Emporium. For updates, follow Urban Essentials Inc.'s website, Facebook and Instagram

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