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  • Mom-Daughter Duos Reveal Where They Buy Their Twinning Outfits

    These moms and daughters are having the time of their lives with twinning fashion.
    by Din Real Bautista .
  • My baby wasn't born yet when I already envisioned myself going "matchy matchy" with him or her. It turned out to be a girl, and my daughter and I were already twinning when she was just five months old! Our twinning fashion initially came from what I could mix and match in my closet. And, yes, I made an effort to think of how our clothes would be the same. Eventually, I found online sellers (scroll down for the directory). 

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    You call it crazy? I call it one of the fun parts of motherhood, a little bonding between moms (and dads, too!) and their kids. And I am not alone! One of my favorite Instagram pages is of Aila Martha Serrano (@DelightfulHimig) and her daughter Himig. 

    “I’ve always been a fan of dressing up and fashion and of course, having a baby girl means you get to dress her up as well,” says Aila. 

    Himig was just 7 months old when she and her mom started twinning, but it would only be for special occasions. Aila was your typical millennial mom who documented her daughter’s OOTDs (or outfit of the day). The problem was Himig wouldn't pose by herself, so Aila would wear the same clothes so she could join her daughter for the photos. That’s when their weekly bonding started.


    Skirts from The Beautiful Cache

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    Aila said she would continue twinning with Himig for as long as her daughter wants. At 3, Himig was now “starting to have her preferences in clothes. When we shop, I'll let her choose what she likes and then I work around those to match or to complement mine.” All her twinning fashion with her daughter has led to collaborations with several online shops that cater to mom-daughter clothes.

    Tops from Little Miss Me

    Dresses from Chichi Girl's Closet

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    Another fan of twinning fashion is Roma Avenido (@Mhyian). She tells us that she started twinning when her daughter was a month old, and she would look for clothes with matching colors or prints. Her love for twinning intensified when she came across local brands that customize mom-and-daughter clothes.

    Tops from The Beautiful Cache

    Today, Roma admits, “Minsan parang kulang when you’re not wearing the same clothes!” 

    Roma thinks it will be so cool to go twinning with her future grandchild. “Ang saya kasi when you look back at your photos wearing same smile plus twinning pa.”


    Rompers from Chichi Girl's Closet

    Dresses from The Beautiful Cache

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    Here is a directory of twinning fashion you can find on Instagram.

    The Beautiful Cache
    Twinning pair starts at Php250

    Cindel, the mom behind this online store, thought of making quality twinning outfits when she found out she was having another girl. “It started out as a small enterprise running from few yards of fabrics per clothing style.” Thanks to Instagram, this business has now marked its place in the “twinning clothes” category. “Every piece is produced out of affection and immense love for kids and fashion,” said Cindel, owner. Their clothes are for kids ages 6 months to 10 years, and they also make made-to-order dresses.

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    Chichi Girl's Closet
    Twinning pair starts at Php1,000

    When Charlene had her baby girl in 2013, she would go to local tailors to have her baby’s clothes and dresses made. “During that time, I had been regularly posting her photos in social media when some of our friends, relatives, and followers began asking where I got her clothes.” A little push from her loved ones and followers prompted her to start her clothing line, and that’s how Chichigirl's Closet was born! Twinning outfits came after a year in the business when moms would request that she makes the same children's clothes with adult sizes! They can customize outfits for kids 1 to 6 years old.

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    Twinning pair starts at Php800

    Before Twilo, there was Purple Candy line, which was known for its children’s formal dresses. Angel and Eric, the owners, decided to put up Twilo for those who wanted trend-inspired casual dresses and not your typical "sweetie sweet, classic designs that were of the norm.” The clothes came in almost all sizes from kids to adults, and that prompted many moms to buy their pieces. “Slowly, it became apparent that mothers and daughters were both wearing Twilo, and this was when the term 'twinning' in fashion was evolving.” You buy per piece at Twilo, and not necessarily per pair.

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    Mimilai Clothing
    Twinning Pair starts at Php1,100

    Just like the other online stores, Mimilai Clothing started when her daughter was born, shared Camille, the owner. She wanted to have stylish and comfortable dresses for her daughter and herself but had a hard time finding a brand that suited her taste. She sources fabric from different Asian countries such as Hong Kong and Vietnam. The store caters to the whole family and not just for mom and daughter.

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    Little Miss Me PH
    Twinning pair starts at Php700

    LittleMissMePh bloomed because the owner, Anne, wanted the same fashionable outfit for her and her little one. When people started noticing the chic style she and her daughter sported, she thought of starting a business that fashionista moms like her would love. “Juggling my mommy and wife duties plus this online store is tricky, but with lots of prayers, patience, and time management, we have now expanded from mommy and daughter twinnings to daddy and son and even family matchy set.”

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    Zeep Kids
    Twinning pair starts at Php600

    Twinning clothes are mostly made for moms and daughters, and that prompted Mommy Gracie to put up her fashion line where she got to wear matchy clothes with her son. “Zeep Kids is the very first mom-and-son matching outfit online store in the country, and it promotes playtime, quality time and mother-son bonding.” They sell clothes that are made of cotton material, making it breathable and comfortable for both mommy and her little son. They sell mommy/son shirt, dress/shirt, and breastfeeding-friendly clothes as well.

    Din Real Bautista is a proud fulltime homemaker. Most of the time, she’s busy raising a kind-hearted and strong human being named Monica with the help of the most amazing husband, Beejay. And the rest of her time, she’s making sure her life is better outside social media.

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