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  • What your Choice of Underwear Says about You

    Your preferred lingerie can reveal very intimate details about you.
  • Let's admit it: We are picky about our underwear. It's not just because choosing the wrong style can spell a wardrobe disaster;  we just have our own preferences and we like to stick to them. From the full panty to the racy thong, each one says something about the kind of person we are. Check out what your choice says about you:

    Your choice: The Boyleg

    Image from cabinlingerie.com

    What it says about you:
    You are a relaxed mom. You're not likely to throw a fit every time your kids get into trouble, but you're not one to let them off lightly either. In that sense, you can be very practical. You reward your kids when they've aced their exams, but take away their video games when they've done something to disappoint you. You also don't put on any airs. In fact, you don't mind taking the train to a PTA meeting if you're in a hurry, but you also wouldn't say no when your hubby offers to drive you there.

    Your best attributes:
    You are straightforward but not insensitive.

    Your worst fault:
    You sometimes lack a sense of urgency.

    Your motto:
    "Stop and smell the flowers."

    Your choice: The Full Panty


    full panty

    Image from ncrni.com

    What it says about you:
    You love your creature comforts. You enjoy staying at home, watching your favorite TV series and going on a coffee date with your friends at your usual cafe. You are very traditional, not necessarily because you are old-fashioned, but because you're used to doing things a certain way. You raise your kids the same way that you were raised, focusing on important family values that have been passed down from generation to generation.

    Your best personal attributes:
    You are extremely patient and you enjoy spending time with your family.

    Your worst fault:
    You can be rigid and averse to change.

    Your motto:
    "Family comes first."

    Your choice: Lace Bikini
    lace bikini

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    Image from cabinlingerie.com

    What it says about you:
    You are very sweet and very loving--that much is clear from the get-go. You adore your kids and you openly show your affection for your family. You are also very detail-oriented. You make sure that the children's sandwiches are cut evenly, that their school uniform is perfectly pressed, and that you leave sweet notes in between their books. Your natural countenance also makes it easy for people to talk to you. In fact, you rarely get mad, preferring to talk to your kids one-on-one.

    Your best attributes:
    You are sensitive to your children's moods. You can immediately tell when there's something bothering them.

    Your worst fault:
    You sometimes have a hard time letting go.

    Your motto:
    "It's the little things that matter."

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