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6 Cute and Budget-Friendly Outfits for Your Kid

Your active child will look adorable in these playtime-ready clothes.

Shopping for kids’ clothes is one of the perks of being a parent. It’s a fun yet challenging activity, especially since there are plenty of cute and stylish outfits to choose from. But most parents will agree that when it comes to picking clothes for their child, their comfort should be a priority.

Clothes made of breathable fabrics, like cotton and linen, are ideal for children. Keep in mind that selecting the correct size is also important because ill-fitting clothes can limit their movement.

Take a look at these budget-friendly options for stylish yet comfy clothes for kids:


1. Overalls (Ages 0-3)


For babies and toddlers, pick versatile clothing they can wear even as they grow bigger, like neutral-colored overalls with adjustable straps. Overalls are loose enough for them to move around during playtime and can be easily removed for nappy changes or bathroom breaks.

2. Graphic Tees (Ages 0-12)

For babies and toddlers, P129.75

For preschoolers to preteens, P299.75

As your kid grows up, he’ll begin sweating a lot or developing body odor. If you want to make sure he stays fresh even after a few hours of playing, cotton T-shirts are your best bet when it comes to comfortable casual clothing. A graphic tee or a shirt featuring a favorite cartoon character is not only a fun choice, it might even bolster your child's confidence.

3. Button-Down Shirt (Ages 4-12)


It's fun to dress up your little gentleman once in a while. Instead of dressing him up in hard-wearing or tight-fitting clothes that can be hard to move in, choose a plaid or plain short-sleeved button-down. For special occasions like school events, match it with jeans and suspenders.


1. Short Dress (Ages 0-3)


To make diaper changes hassle-free, choose a dress paired with leggings for your baby girl—it allows easy access to her nappies even when you’re on the go. Light and loose-fitting clothes also help lower her chance of developing rashes, particularly if she has sensitive skin.

2. Sleeveless Top (Ages 4-12)


For active little girls, spaghetti-strap or halter tops let them move easily and won’t trap moisture in their bodies.  Make sure they feel even more comfortable by pairing these tops with shorts or pants made of light fabric.

3. Loose dress (Ages 4-12)


If you want a fancier outfit for your little girl, pick a loose, cotton dress or a romper. It’s comfortable enough for a sunny playdate outdoors but still dressed-up for special occasions like birthday parties.

You can also use accessories to complete your child’s look. Functional pieces like a bucket hat, cap, or bonnet will help shield your kid’s face from the sun. You can also use headbands and hair clips to keep your little girl’s hair away from her face. For your little boy, belts can be a stylish and practical way to make sure his bottoms fit and hold up well.

When it comes to your kid’s clothes, comfort and style should go hand in hand. They also don’t need to be expensive, especially since kids outgrow their clothes so quickly. Get good value for money at the September Kids & Baby Fair from Sept. 1 to 30, where you can get discounts of up to 50% on selected kids’ apparel from Whatever, Whatever Toddlers, The Little Prince, The Little Prince Toddlers, Byloz, Big Joy, Live to be Spoiled, Playground, and other character brands.  

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