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  • 7 Wardrobe Staples for Kids in This Year's Lucky Colors

    Feng shui experts discourage wearing dark colors like blue and green this year.
    by Lou Velle Mariano .
7 Wardrobe Staples for Kids in This Year's Lucky Colors
PHOTO BY hm_kids, smkidsfashion, ILLUSTRATOR Natz Bade
  • The Filipino culture is so rich with tradition that has become a way of life for most of us. When it comes to welcoming the new year, we also go by certain unexplained beliefs, such as: jumping up and down when the clock strikes 12 to grow taller; preparing a basket full of 12 different kinds of fruits for a bountiful year; and making loud noises (thus the use of firecrackers) to ward off bad luck (and invite good luck) into the house.

    Pinoys also strongly believe that wearing bright-colored clothing, or one with a polka-dot design, will usher in financial prosperity, so maybe it wouldn't hurt if we also consider incorporating the following "lucky" colors —according to feng shui — into our kids' wardrobe this year. After all, if there's anyone whom we want to receive more blessings, it would be our children. 

    From clothes, bags, shoes and accessories, here are items you want to have in your child's closet.

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    1. A party dress in Pantone Ultra Violet (also the color of the year!)

    ...(and a matching bag to go with it)

    2. Boots and sandals in Terracotta Clay

    3. A poufy skirt in Sandy Beige

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    4. Everyday tops and bottoms in Red 


    5. A tee or polo (for boys) and a fun purse (for girls) in Orange

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    6. Summer-ready dresses and accessories in Pink 

    7. Casual wear in Yellow

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