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  • Give the Gift of Health on Mother’s Day

    Thinking of a present for Mom for Mother’s Day? Since good health is the foundation of all areas of our well-being, why not give her that? It’s time you look after her health concerns.
    by Gretchen Agdamag, MD .
  • stethoscopeMany hospitals now have wellness clinics specifically for women which aim to provide comprehensive health checks for women of all ages.  These centers support, educate and advise women on breast diseases, gynecologic issues, pregnancy, family planning and over-all health and wellness.
    Talk to your mother’s doctor about the following examinations, and find out which would be suitable and recommended for her. These will depend on her age, family history, risk factors and personal lifestyle choices.

    Basic Tests

    Blood Pressure
    Her blood pressure (BP) should be taken clinically to set a baseline, and then checked for any elevation.  A higher-than-normal BP will require more frequent monitoring.

    Height and weight
    A significant drop in inches may indicate osteoporosis, while remarkable weight loss or gain may indicate a bigger health problem including obesity and fluid retention (weight gain) or infection and cancer (weight loss).

    Blood Tests
    Annual blood exams should include testing for complete blood count; glucose levels (FBS, HbA1c) to screen for any increase in sugar levels that may indicate diabetes; thyroid, liver and kidney function tests; lipid profile and blood electrolyte levels. Additional laboratory tests may be required based on personal history.
    ECG (Electrocardiogram)
    An ECG is usually requested to assess the electrical activity and conduction of the heart.  Additional tests like 2D-echo and stress testing may be advised depending on ECG results.

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