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  • 8 Party Games with a Twist

    Fun, timeless games to play at your child’s next party - or playdate.
  • patyWith the price of food and utilities skyrocketing these days, it’s no surprise that parents have resorted to celebrating their children’s birthdays through low-cost means. From cutting down the guest list in half to buying prizes by the bulk in Divisoria, couples are going back to basics and entertaining their young guests through classic party games.

    Directress Irene Dy of the Learning Jungle Preschool in Pasig believes that with the right selection of games, your child’s birthday party will be a big hit. “Classic games allow kids to be involved, to think, and to decide. These fast and fun games allow children to release their energies and experience things while keeping them entertained.”

    Be sure to mix in a couple of individual and team games to build instant camaraderie among the guests. “Group games are most popular in parties because they encourage children to interact with one another. Plus, they keep shy kids from feeling singled out,” says Philippatrisse Party Works proprietress Chi Martires who has been in the events planning service for over 15 years.
     Take your pick from these exciting old-school diversions and get set to play!

    The Boat is Sinking
    Best for: Kids who can count.
    Number of players required: As many as possible
    How to play:
    The host makes the contestants form random groupings by completing this line: “The boat is sinking, group yourselves into (say a random number).” Immediately after announcing the magic number, the children have to scramble and form their groups quickly. The group/s with the incorrect number will automatically get eliminated. The host continues to change the numbers needed to fill the boats until two kids remain and win the game.
    Add a twist:
    Increase the level of difficulty by stating how many girls, boys, or adults should be in a particular boat. You can also give them a three- to five-second time limit.
    Seal of approval:
    Michelle del Rosario, directress of Lincolnshire Internationale Preschool, points out that this game is “a good icebreaker, especially if the children do not know each other or there is another group present. Children benefit from party games if the games are active rather than passive, if they involve movement, and if there are interactions, teamwork, and critical thinking - all of which tap into the many aspects of development.”


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