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Trip to Jerusalem? Newspaper Dance? These Classic Birthday Party Games Will Surely Be A Hit!
  • Children’s birthday parties are always high-energy events, especially when they involve competitive yet fun games. If you're currently planning your child's birthday party and you want to make sure that the kids and the kids-at-heart will have a blast, here are no-fail party games that can complete your program. Ready the newspapers and plastic chairs, moms and dads! 

    14 classic birthday party games kids will still enjoy

    There is a reason why these games have become staples among children’s parties in the country. Aside from being undoubtedly enjoyable, these classic birthday party games, which include Trip to Jerusalem, relay games, Pinoy Henyo, and Simon Says, are easy to prepare and play as well.

    Musical Chairs (a.k.a. Trip to Jerusalem)

    What you need: Chairs, upbeat music

    How to play: Prepare several chairs and position them in a circle. Make sure that the number of chairs you have is one less than the number of players. Play some fun music and let the kids dance their hearts out while going in a circle, then when the music stops, the players have to sit on the available chairs. Whoever ends up without a chair will be eliminated.  After a player is eliminated, take out one chair, then do another round until you have a winner.

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    Musical Statues (a.k.a. Stop Dance)

    What you need: Upbeat music

    How to play: Just like Musical Chairs, but without the chairs! Put on energizing tunes and let all the players dance, then when the music stops, everybody needs to freeze. Make it a bit more challenging by having a host talk to the players while they’re frozen. Whoever moves or replies to the host loses!


    Newspaper Dance

    What you need: Newspaper, music

    How to play: Divide the players into pairs, then have them lay out a piece of newspaper on the ground. Let them dance to the music, then when the music stops, all the pairs have to stand on the newspaper. After each round, the newspaper needs to be folded in half, so that it becomes smaller and smaller. The rule is that both players should be able to stand on the newspaper without any part of their bodies touching the ground.

    Relay games

    What you need: Spoons, eggs or calamansi (depending on the kind of relay game you want), chairs

    How to play: Divide the players into different teams. Have each player race around a certain spots (designated by chairs) with the spoons holding either the calamansi or the eggs in their mouths. Whoever drops the spoon while walking has to go back to the start of the line and repeat the process, and the team that finishes first wins.

    If you choose to make the game an egg relay, you can give the players a hard-boiled egg or, if you want to take things up a notch, give them raw eggs!

    Hampas Palayok

    What you need: A palayok, lots of sweet treats or small snacks, a bat or long piece of wood, a blindfold

    How to play: Fill the palayok with those snacks and candies, then hang it up at a height that is just a little bit out of the kids’ reach. Put a blindfold over the birthday celebrant’s eyes, give him or her the bat or a piece of wood, then have the kids and other guests guide him or her into smashing the palayok so that the treats are spilled onto the floor and available for tiny hands to grab and feast over.

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    What you need: A wooden lattice, small snacks and toys or goodie bags

    How to play: Attach the snacks and toys or goodie bags to the wooden lattice, then have an adult hold up the lattice. Let the kids gather underneath and try to reach for the treats they want while the adult moves it up and down.

    Sack Race

    What you need: Sacks, chairs

    How to play: Divide the players into teams, then have each player get into a sack and race around certain spots (designated by chairs) by jumping. The team that finishes first wins.

    Three-Legged Race

    What you need: Ribbons

    How to play: A variation of the sack race, for this game, divide the players into pairs, then tie their inside legs together using a ribbon. Have each pair race to a certain finish line, and the pair that finishes the race first wins!

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    Limbo Rock

    What you need: A broomstick or similar object

    How to play: Have two adults take each end of the broomstick or pole and hold it at stomach level. Each player has to pass under the broomstick without any part of their body touching it. After every player has passed under the stick, have the adults lower the stick and see who is able to pass safely underneath without falling. The most flexible or creative player wins!

    Bring Me

    What you need: A host

    How to play: Ask the kids to bring a certain specific object to the host, and whoever gets there first is given a fun little prize.


    Longest Line

    What you need: Lots of creativity

    How to play: Divide the players into teams, then have them form the longest line they can by using every item they have at their disposal, such as belts, shoes, shoelaces, and so on. Set a time limit for the players to follow, and the team which forms the longest line gets to take home a prize.

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    Pinoy Henyo

    What you need: A timer

    How to play: Two players will participate in each round. One player has to guess the answer by asking the other player questions about it; the latter can only answer “Oo,” “Hindi,” or “Pwede.” The pair that gets the answer within the shortest amount of time wins.

    Cookie Face

    What you need: Cookies

    How to play: Have the players sit down, and give each one a cookie. They all need to place the cookies on their foreheads and then move it down their faces so they can eat it. However, they cannot use their hands. The first contestant to eat his or her cookie wins.

    Simon Says

    What you need: A host

    How to play: The host has to instruct the players to do certain actions, but players are only supposed to do those actions if they are preceded by the phrase “Simon says.” If anyone follows an instruction that is not preceded by “Simon says,” he or she gets eliminated.

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