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  • 6 Kiddie Birthday Party Ideas Kids Will Love This Year of the Pig

    You're bound to find inspiration here whether you're celebrating your child's first or 7th birthday.
    by Carol Amistad .
6 Kiddie Birthday Party Ideas Kids Will Love This Year of the Pig
PHOTO BY courtesy of Kiddie Art Cart and Playville
  • I still remember how simple my 7th birthday celebration back in the 1990s. We had it at our house in Marikina and just invited over our relatives and our neighbors. There were a few games — Trip to Jerusalem, basagan ng palayok, and paagaw ng barya. There was no host, no clown, no photo booth.

    Today kiddie birthday parties have been supersized! Gone are the days when the guests are already happy with “Pin the Tail on the Donkey,” or when mom need not worry about whether it’s going to be a Superman or Batman theme. Now you have to plan three months in advance to give yourself ample time to find a venue and source for suppliers. There are some who plan it waaaay ahead like 6 months or even a year even!

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    Here are a few birthday party trends that we will see more this Year of the Pig

    Birthday Party Trend #1: More adventurous themes

    Parents are not sticking to a child's favorite cartoon character. They are becoming more creative and bold with the themes, from Under the Sea to Jurassic Park to Unicorn Princess to Tutti Fruity to the Greatest Showman!
    Check out these awesome party themes that Party Station and Pretty Little Details did last year.

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    Birthday Party Trend #2: Guests make their souvenirs!

    Yes, it's back to the DIY route but your guests get to do it. Souvenir Buffet by Eunoia offers bath, body, home and lifestyle essentials as bespoke giveaways, but its signature offerings are the on-the-spot souvenir buffet stations such as Soap Carving Station, Scoop-A-Scrub Galore, Pixie Potions Bar, Hand Sanitizer Filling Station, and Trouvaille: On-The-Spot String Pouch Monogramming.

    Aila Bautista, the owner, thinks that souvenir buffet stations are a hit because guests including kids can choose the variant they want as giveaways. Her packages start at Php199 to Php499 per person, depending on the number of stations you will purchase. To inquire or book, search for @souvenirbuffet.eunoia on Instagram or SouvernirBuffetByEunoia on Facebook.

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    Birthday Party Trend #3: Traveling art room

    Kiddie Art Kart has art activities that are designed not only to entertain but also to develop gross and fine motor skills, creative education, and self-expression. These artworks also serve as party giveaways. Their team does everything from setup to clean up, so the client does not have to worry about anything. The art station ranges from Php9,500 to Php12,500 for 30 kids exclusive of art kits (that range from Php250 to Php450 each).

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    Birthday Party Trend #4: Mobile playgrounds

    The idea of starting a traveling playground came to Ria Navarro (owner of Fun & Fit Kids) after her daughter’s first birthday. She wanted to keep the kids busy and active but could not find the right activity. “Mobile playgrounds keep kids constantly learning through play. They are not just sitting down watching a show. They are engaged, and they become more social, independent, and confident.” (To inquire or book, search @funfitkidsph on Instagram. Package starts at Php10,000.)


    Tin and RC of Playville Philippines adds that mobile playgrounds are ideal for kids below 4 years old. “Not all kids can participate or understand the program in birthday parties. Usually, kids below 4 years old are left out when there are games for older children. This is the best time to entertain them and keep them busy through the mobile playground.” (To inquire or book, search for @Playvilleph on Instagram or on Facebook. Package starts at Php8,000.)

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    Birthday Party Trend #5: Play pretend areas

    Ruby Dorado and her husband have been in the events industry since 2015. When their daughter became a preschooler, they put up Funyard to offer more fun and meaningful experience to clients. Funyard encourages creativity through playing pretend and free play.

    To inquire or book, search for @funyardph on Instagram or FunyardPartyNeeds on Facebook. Package starts at Php5,500.

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    Birthday Party Trend #6: Theme-based learning activities

    Who says that creativity and learning cannot be incorporated in a party setting? Definitely not Teacher Mommy Lace. Her background in Early Childhood Education helped her come up with the idea to offer eduplay-based and themed onsite activities at birthday parties and playdates. ColorPlayHappy has done first aid activity, parachute play, sculpting workshop, and woodworking workshop in some of their events.To inquire or book, search for @colorplayhappy on Instagram and Facebook. Package ranges from Php 15,000 to Php 25,000.


    Though she works as a full-time HR advisor, Carol Amistad is a proud hands-on mom to a sweet girl named Zoey and the family's newest bundle of joy, Ethan. She makes sure that her weekends and holidays are well-spent with the hubby and the kids.

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