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5 Tips for Taking Better Milestone Baby Photos From Parent Pros
PHOTO BY @andimanzano/Instagram; Julha Idro/
  • Milestone photos that document your baby’s growth make great memorabilia. (They grow up so fast!) These days, it’s so easy to snap away too as mobile phone cameras get sharper and sharper. Make sure you make and take beautiful keepsakes with these tips from parents who are pros at taking wonderful baby photos.

    1. Props and lighting are important.
    Good lighting is the secret to taking wonderful photos. This holds true for your baby’s monthly milestones photos as well. You don’t need pro equipment for this -- a spot with lots of natural light coming in will work great. Once you have that, choose good props. The devil is in the details, as they say, and you want everything to look nice for you little one’s memorabilia. Take a cue from radio DJ and host Andi Manzano who achieved wonders just with silver balloon numbers, a cute headband and onesie, and fantastic lighting. 


    If you’re looking for quality props to use for photos, try Chibi Momo’s Smilestones cards. They not only have printed monthly milestones markers but also other quirky and cute Instagramable moments to remember.  

    2. Think of a good theme. 

    Rather than going for the usual random collection of cute props, try thinking up a theme. It can make a big difference in keeping your baby photos interesting and fun. There are loads of places to get inspiration, from elaborate fairy tale setups and pop culture references to everyday objects and scenes. Steal some ideas from Jeremy and Ali Hynek, parents of six-month-old triplets Penelope, Ethan and Alejandra... 

    ...and Pinoy couple Cathy and Gino Roberto, parents to 10-month-old Ringo Sid. “We’re big pop culture fans and this is where we draw inspirations from. We just hope Ringo grows up sharing the same interest and be proud of the photos we took of him,” they told (Check out our story on them here.) 


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    3. Get whimsical and colorful.
    Babies have the uncanny ability to brighten up even the gloomiest day. Give that super power of theirs a boost with bright photos. The more fun, the better! You can create a colorful world for your baby or think up of funny poses she can do. One of the best pegs for colorful baby photos is Julha Idro and her 4-month-old daughter Alice. The photographer mom told Huffington Post, “I want my photos evoke a smile and bring joy to everybody.” It’s definitely working.

    For witty baby photos, one Japanese mom on Instagram with the handle Ayumiichi is your best bet. Because she has twins, one boy and one girl, her photos are double the fun and creativity. In her photos, one baby would have been great already but having two makes them brilliantly funny! 


    4. Malikot baby? Shoot when she's asleep.
    As you can probably already imagine, taking your photo while your baby sleeps can save you a lot of hassle. Staged sleeping baby photos are not that unusual either as shown by Instagram mom Ayumiichi. Plus, a mom went viral a few months back for her photos of her baby snoozing. Laura Izumikawa dressed her daughter Joey Marie Choi up as Jon Snow from Game of Thrones, Han Solo from Star Wars, Goku from Dragon Ball Z and Eleven from Stranger Things all while she was peacefully dreaming away.  “I thought it’d be fun adding little props on her just to send some hilarious pictures to our parents. It was a way to memorialize her growth and little milestones,” she told Huffington Post

    Jot down how-to notes with this quick sneak peak into one of her photo sessions:

    5. Capture baby's cute expressions on cam.
    Capturing priceless expressions from your little one will add a whole new layer of adorable to your photos. For this, we turn to Julha Idro and Alice once more. See how Alice’s expression works wonders in the photos below. Who wouldn’t be terrified while riding a fire-breathing dragon anyway? Or, how about her wonder-filled eyes as she soraes the skies in a hot air balloon. 

    With his feet in the air and arms outstretched, Ringo Sid, son of Pinoy couple Cathy and Gino Roberto, also looks like he’s had a fun day shooting hoops in this sports-inspired photo. 


    And, Joey Marie Choi who’s usually captured asleep by her mom Laura Izumikawa, is all smiles as she pumps her tiny fists in the air to cheer for dad. 

    Happy snapping!

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