Simple Yet Effective Ways Parents Can Keep Insects Away From Their Home

Keep up your defenses at home!

Keeping your home as bug-free as possible has become increasingly difficult as the seasons change. The aroma of meals and increased activity make our living spaces enticing to insects. To simplify insect control, consider using the newly refreshed Baygon Shield Defense (formerly Baygon Odorless) formulated to knock out any mosquitoes and other insects trying to invade your home. Couple that with these other valuable tips below, to keep those pests at bay.

1. Seal Entry Points

Inspect and seal potential entry points for insects. Cracks in walls, gaps in windows, and poorly sealed doors can serve as gateways for pests. By making sure these openings remain sealed, you create a formidable barrier against unwanted intruders.

2. Maintain Cleanliness

Combat insect attraction by keeping your home clean. Especially in the kitchen and dining areas, regular cleaning reduces the appeal of your space to pests. Dispose of trash promptly (and in proper receptacles) to minimize the chances of infestation, providing a healthier and more comfortable home for your family.

3. Eliminate Standing Water

Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water, so regularly inspect your home for potential breeding grounds. It doesn't have to be dirty water, so remove or empty any containers that collect water, such as flowerpot saucers, clogged gutters, or discarded items that can hold rainwater.

4. Proper Food Storage

Store food in airtight containers to prevent attracting insects. This simple practice in the kitchen goes a long way in minimizing the likelihood of pests invading your home and can also help you organize your refrigerator and cabinets!

5. Baygon Shield Defense

Consider incorporating Baygon Shield Defense into your pest control strategy. The new and refreshed multi-insect killer formula can now knock down pests such as cockroaches and flies and kill dengue-carrying mosquitoes in just seconds! However, it does remain the same odorless variant as before–so you don't have to worry about harsh smells!

For more tips on creating a bug-free space, you may watch this video:

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