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  • 4 Good Hygiene Habits You Can Teach Your Young Ones Easily

    These simple tips will make it fun for your little one to keep himself clean!
  • It can be very easy to make sure your kids are clean when you are with them at home. You know what they touched and you know what they've played with. You can easily ask them to wash their hands or wipe off any dirt.

    The true challenge is keeping them clean when you are no longer with them. That's why instilling good hygiene habits is important.

    Here are the simplest hygiene habits you can teach your kids very easily:

    Washing hands

    Hand washing is the simplest way to protect your kids from any contagious diseases. It's important to let your little one know that he must wash his hands before eating, after eating, after going to the toilet, after touching pet animals and after playing at the playground. Plenty of the infections your kids can get may come from the food they touch without washing their hands or handling objects soiled with body substance.

    Make hand washing fun for your kids by using an hourglass or a cute timer to make sure they wash their hands thoroughly. You can also set up your child's very own wash station so that he will feel encouraged to wash his hands all the time. Point out when your child is unable to wash his hands whenever necessary so that he will form this habit very easily. 

    Brushing teeth

    Most kids find it such a chore to brush their teeth. If your little one is one of them, the best way to get him to brush his teeth without hearing any complaints about it is to turn tooth brushing into a game.

    If your little one has his own wash station, he might feel more encouraged to brush his teeth at least twice a day. You can also download apps that make tooth brushing fun through music and video accompaniment that are about a minute long – just enough time for your little one to brush his teeth well. Getting your child his own cute toothbrush that he would love using can also encourage him to brush his teeth more.

    Cleaning up after going to the potty

    Once you've potty trained your little one, it's time to teach him the proper way to cleanup after. Make sure you teach him to wipe from front to back until the paper is clean. Ask him to wash his hands thoroughly using his cute timer so you're sure his hands are clean.


    Your little one needs to learn how to disinfect his hands so he remains clean whenever he does not have access to soap and clean water. Choose easy-to-use products like Biogenic Alcohol, which kills 99.9% of germs. Biogenic Alcohol cleans, kills bacteria, disinfects and moisturizes so you're sure your little one is germ-free whenever he needs to be.


This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Biogenic.