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5 Things Moms of Kids with Eczema Wish You Knew

There’s more to this skin condition than meets the eye.

Eczema is a battle that some parents face as they raise their kids. The challenges of the skin condition not only takes a toll on the children but also affects moms on so many levels. In some cases, the flare-up can be so bad that it starts to affect their daily lives.

Kids with eczema also struggle with self-image, especially when they're judged and made fun of at playgrounds or other public places.

As a mom, you never want to see your child crying because of his condition. But juggling misconceptions about eczema with your usual parenting duties is no walk in the park. The stigma against kids with eczema often pushes moms to hide their children's skin condition. 

However, addressing the condition by its name is the first step to raising awareness that can help defeat the stigma. Here are a few things their moms wish you knew about families dealing with eczema:

It hurts me when you call my child galisin.

It's not something that I can control. The struggle is real even without the disgust coming from other parents who don't have experience with managing eczema for kids. It's not helpful and it makes me and my child feel worse about his skin condition.

My child's eczema is not caused by poor hygiene.

The exact cause for the development of eczema is still not known however we know that it is not caused by poor hygiene and is not contagious or infectious.

Natural methods are not always enough for my child's eczema.

Standard care for eczema involves the use of topical medications such as topical corticosteroids, the use of moisturizers and avoidance of triggers.  People with a more severe disease may require more complex treatment.  Natural remedies such as the use of herbs and oils may play a complementary role. Make sure to always consult with a doctor who can provide sound advice on managing and preventing eczema flare-ups.

My child's eczema does not make me a bad mother.

Sometimes, I blame myself and lose perspective at the height of an eczema flare-up, but it doesn't mean I'm a bad mom. 

It's a good thing help is readily available in the form of topical ointments like Mometasone Furoate (Elica). Elica helps relieve symptoms of eczema (itchiness, redness, swelling), with visible results in 24 hours. Learn more about eczema treatment here.


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