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  • 6 Nutrients Your Kids Need for a Better Breakfast

    So how do you make breakfast better?
  • Why is breakfast so important? According to KidsHealth.org, kids who eat breakfast tend to be less prone to tantrums, have more energy, and get better grades in school.

    Of course, not all breakfasts are created equally. To make a better breakfast for your child, make sure the following essential nutrients are present in his meal:


    Protein is vital to your child's growing body because it is the major structural component of cells and muscle tissues. Sufficient protein is required to build and repair muscles, allowing your kid's body to grow better and stronger. Chicken, fish and nuts are great sources of protein.


    Bones are the framework of the body, so keeping them strong and healthy is a must. Luckily, milk is a rich source of calcium and your child can enjoy it either as a drink or as a complement to his morning cereal.


    This essential nutrient serves as the body's primary fuel source. Carbohydrates can come from many foods, including fruits and vegetables, but grains are often the most abundant sources. Just be sure to give your child whole grain, which are richer in fiber—another important nutrient. Bread and some breakfast cereals can be sources of carbohydrates. Make sure you check the label and look for the whole grain tick!


    Speaking of which, fiber is part of plant food that the body can't dissolve. Eating enough fiber helps keep the body's blood sugar levels stable and also contributes to a feeling of fullness, which prevents your child from overeating and thus gaining excess weight. Your kids can get fiber from fruits and vegetables.


    Oxygen is vital to life, and iron is a mineral that facilitates the transport of oxygen in the blood. If your child doesn't get enough of it, he may develop iron deficiency anemia, which is one of the most common deficiency-related diseases among children. Eggs are a great source of iron. You can make it different ways, depending on how your child likes it.

    Vitamin B5

    There are a lot of B-vitamins and all of them work to keep your child's body running like a well-oiled machine. Vitamin B5 or Pantothenic Acid in particular aids in the breakdown of carbs and fats into energy, so your kid always has the vigor to face the challenges each day holds.

    That being said, the hard part is getting your child to eat breakfast in the first place. After all, getting him out of bed is already enough a struggle, let alone getting him to sit down to a nutrient-filled meal.

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