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How to Set Up Your Android Phone to Function as a Medical ID
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  • Have you checked your smartphone's built-in emergency features and made use of it? We highly recommend you make use of it because they are handy. In the event of an emergency, and you are not with your child, your phone can tell responders of any medical condition your child might have and quickly find your contact details. It also lets your child send you an SOS alert, which will include his location. Here's the step-by-step guide to using the emergency features for phones running on Android. 

    Lock screen emergency features

    Here is the screen that shows up when the "Emergency Call" button is chosen, the Android phone is on lock screen. The red button on the upper right brings up your child's emergency contacts (mom or dad), and the red icon on the lower left brings up your child's emergency medical information

    1. Emergency contacts

    Set your child's emergency contacts by going to "Contacts" and then "Groups" (this can be found next to the Search bar -- the icon with the silhouette of two people). Tap "ICE - emergency contacts," then choose which contacts you want to add to the list. You can set more than one.

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    2. Emergency medical information

    Set this up by going to "Contacts" and then "My Profile." Tap "More," and you'll find the option to input emergency medical information. You'll be able to enter medical conditions, allergies, blood type and more. 

    Note: The above feature will only run on operating systems Marshmallow and Nougat. It's not available on phones running Lollipop or earlier. 

    3. Send SOS messages

    Your child can quickly send you a distress signal via an SOS message in an emergency situation. Three quick presses of the power key and the phone will automatically send an alert message to the designated contact. The alert will include an estimated location of the phone and even options for an audio recording or pictures to be taken from the front and rear camera. Remember to show your child how to use the feature, so he'll know what to do -- again, it's three quick presses of the power button. 

    Depending on your child's Android device, setting up SOS messaging can be done in two ways:

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    • Go to "Settings." Then choose "Privacy and Safety." Here you'll be able to find "Send SOS" messages. Set the contact to whom the SOS message will be sent (mom or dad, for example).

    • Go to "Settings." then choose "Safety Assistance." Tap on "Manage primary contacts" first because this has to be set up before you can turn on the "Send" help message feature. If you've done that, head back and choose "Send help" message.

    Keep safe!

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