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Give Your Kids Strong Bones With These 4 Fun Activities

Let your kids try out these simple games for stronger bones.

Moms typically don't think about bone health, but building strong bones takes a lot and it is best to start when the kids are still very young. The bone-building years start as early as five, until early adulthood up to mid-20s. It's best to make sure kids get enough physical activity so their bones grow stronger as they age. Enough physical activity will also lessen children's risk of getting osteoporosis when they're older.

Check out these fun activities that can help boost your child's bone health:

Jumping rope

The great thing about this activity is that it can be done anywhere, alone or by group. To make it more interesting, you can set daily goals for your child and give corresponding calcium-rich treats when he achieves the goals. Jumping rope also has cardiovascular benefits that can help develop strong lungs.

Climbing trees

Besides making your child's arms stronger and giving him a firmer grip, climbing trees will also expose him to nature and sunlight – which is a great source of Vitamin D. Keeping him interested outdoors can also be a great way to pull him away from playing too much video games.


Kids and teens aged 6-17 need up to 60 minutes of physical activities everyday. It may sound a lot, but if your child is having fun, he'd barely notice the time. Biking can be a nice way to strengthen your kid's bones without it being too boring or rigorous. You can bike around your home or take him to a nearby park.


Any weight-bearing activity can help make your kid's bones stronger. Running will encourage them to carry their own weight and improve their feet and knees. Make it more fun by bringing the pet along! Playing tag is also a great idea to get them moving.

Playing sports like football, basketball and tug-of-war can also help strengthen your kid's bones. Apart from fun sports and games, don't forget to give him a calcium-rich diet that can nourish him from the inside. Dairy products like milk, yoghurt and cheese are great sources of calcium. You can also get him fun snacks like Chuckie. Chuckie with Calci-N has a special blend of calcium derived from milk, which is one of the most natural sources of calcium. It also has vitamin D, which helps bones absorb calcium better. 

Childhood offers the best opportunity to build strong bones. But because kids can be picky when it comes to food, making sure they get the daily recommended allowance can be challenging. Good thing Calci-N in Chuckie is highly absorbable and can help make your kids' bones grow stronger.

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