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  • What Is A 'Health Break' And Why Do Kids Need It When Online Schooling?

    Are your kids taking regular breaks as they learn from home?
What Is A 'Health Break' And Why Do Kids Need It When Online Schooling?
PHOTO BY Janice Lagman-Lizardo
  • Reality check: Online schooling is here to stay — and it will be the new normal for a little while longer. Because until it is completely safe for everyone to venture outside, your kids will have to continue their education from the safety of your home, with mom and dad carrying on some teaching or tutoring duties.

    On that same note, you may have already read countless articles on how to get the most out of this virtual learning setup — from supplementing your children’s lessons to creating an effective routine for them. But in case no one has told you yet, one way to ensure kids are indeed reaping the benefits of online schooling is by giving them a regular “health break” or recess time every day.

    Some may see it as counterproductive or unnecessary, given that younger kids’ online school doesn’t take the entire day. But trust us when we say that it remains an essential part of their routine. Health breaks don’t just provide a much-needed structure to your kids’ day, but experts say these also help in their concentration, productivity, as well as social and emotional development.

    To be specific, here are four important reasons allowing children to have recess is non-negotiable:

    It provides a dedicated time for kids to eat

    Yes, moms and dads, eating snacks is actually essential in your kids’ development. Regular meals alone cannot fulfill their daily nutritional requirements, so they need mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks to fill them up. As these nutrients are replenished, children will more likely be able to power through their virtual classes or modules without being sluggish or cranky.

    Fruit-flavored biscuits like Rebisco Frootees, for example, are easy-to-eat, delightful merienda for kids to enjoy during their breaks. It comes in a variety of delicious flavors such as mango, strawberry, grape, and green apple, so you can totally switch things up every day, avoiding the sawa factor. Parents will also approve of how affordable Rebisco Frootees are, making stocking up a cinch.

    Check out these posts by moms who choose Rebisco Frootees for their kids:

    It allows them to rest their eyes

    With prolonged online learning comes extended screen time. But while screen time spent for educational purposes is not detrimental, especially when compared to using gadgets purely for leisure, it’s crucial that children take their eyes off screens from time to time.

    If your kids still want to use their devices to play games or watch videos during their breaks, make sure they follow a schedule to keep screen time manageable.

    As for leisure screen time, help your children make the most of it by introducing them to fun yet educational shows. One such example is the "The Frooteam" web series, a YouTube online show that teaches kids about health, nutrition, and hygiene. 

    It affords them time to just breathe

    Kids get stressed — just like the rest of us. By giving children a chance to relax after a busy morning, you are helping them find the time to sort their own thoughts and emotions and avoid the risk of feeling overwhelmed.

    And by having a break, kids can be more focused once they get back to their classes. Plus, parents deserve time to rest as well!

    It helps keep them active

    During your kids’ scheduled breaks, encourage them to get up from their seats and move. Remember that sitting down for long hours has never benefited anyone. What you can do is allow your children to do active play or, better yet, get them to do some stretching exercises with you.

    Doing physical activities will not only refrain kids from being idle throughout the day; it will also help boost their mood and cognitive function, which helps them be more productive when online learning.

    Take note that there’s no ideal time frame for health breaks. According to pediatric experts, it’s best if these are scheduled at regular intervals, so kids will have enough time to prepare themselves before going back to whatever they have to do for school.

    Bottom line: Do not skip recess time even at home!

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