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  • 'Ang Init!' Your Family Will Need to Do These 5 Things to Survive the Heat

    Staying at home or not, arm your family with these things!
'Ang Init!' Your Family Will Need to Do These 5 Things to Survive the Heat
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  • Heads up, moms! You have to be more alert and careful about your family’s health during the warm and humid weather. The heat isn’t only uncomfortable, but extreme changes in weather may even trigger asthma and allergy symptoms.

    Exposure to extreme heat can cause serious illnesses, so read on for some tips to weather the rising temperatures.

    1. Keep the family well-hydrated.

    Staying hydrated is even more critical when you’re experiencing scorching temperatures. Regularly drinking water will help keep the whole family feeling fresh and curb any heat-related illnesses.

    Check out this hydration guide from Tang based on data from the Food and Nutrition Research Institute to know if you and your kids are keeping up with recommended daily intake. Take note of how many times a person needs to hydrate based on his or her age:

    To encourage your kids to hydrate (read: they get bored), mix it up a little with water-rich food and kid-friendly beverages with vitamins and minerals.

    Fresh fruit, flavored milk, and yummy fruit-flavored juices like those from Tang can make hydration fun for your kids. Just remember that these can only help bridge any hydration gaps you or your kids may be experiencing. Water is still the best drink to keep dehydration at bay. If you think any of your family members are already feeling dehydrated, it’s best to consult a doctor immediately.

    2. Use curtains and blinds in your home to block out the sun.

    When it’s too hot outside, PAGASA recommends that you and your kids stay indoors and away from the sun. Cover windows especially those facing the sun with curtains and blinds to keep your house cool and your family comfortable.

    3. Wear light, cotton clothes.

    Wear loose, breathable clothing because it goes a long way to ward off the ickiness that comes with the heat, especially among kids. Lightweight cotton fabrics let the air move freely around the skin and allow sweat to evaporate.

    If your child is feeling uncharacteristically hot, use a chilled and damp washcloth for immediate relief so he or she will cool down.

    4. Apply sunscreen every day.

    It doesn't matter if it's sunny or cloudy outside. Remember to slather on sunscreen to protect your little ones’ skin from the burning effects of prolonged sun exposure.

    Experts say that ideally, sunscreens with a higher SPF (SPF 30 and above) offer more protection, but it's equally important to reapply throughout the day. Put about an ounce of water-resistant sunscreen on the body and reapply every two hours.

    According to the Mayo Clinic, sunscreen can be applied to kids six months and older, but if you have any concerns, don't hesitate to consult with your children's pediatrician.

    5. Wear a hat or use an umbrella.

    The key is to stay out of the sun or walk under the shade. But if you and your family have no other choice, make sure everyone is protected by wearing a straw or a mesh hat.

    Remember also to bring an umbrella with you to avoid the sun from beating down on your and your tots’ heads.

    Tang is available in various yummy fruit flavors that your kids will love, making it easier for you to keep them happy and hydrated all year round.

    Tang is available as powdered beverages and in ready-to-drink bottles. Follow Tang Philippines on Facebook to know more about their Positive Hydration For All campaign.

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