• It's Belly Good: Why a Healthy Tummy Matters
    The state of your child’s tummy affects his overall health.
  • Imagine pouring fuel into a gas tank that has a hole. Wasteful, isn't it? Now imagine putting healthy food in a stomach that isn't healthy. Sayang, 'di ba?


    Parents are so concerned about how smart or tall their kids are going to be that they often forget one important thing: The nutrients that make children smarter, stronger, and taller are all processed in the stomach first. Simply put, the stomach is the body's nutrition gateway. In fact, tummy health has a huge effect on a child's overall health and well-being.

    Healthy Tummy = Stronger Immune System

    More than 75 percent of the human immune system is actually composed of the good bacteria in the gut, making the stomach the largest immune organ in the body. And when the tummy has an army of these helpful microorganisms on its side, walang laban ang mga viruses at bacteria.

    Healthy Tummy =  Better Nutrient Absorption

    When digestion isn't working properly, certain nutrients might not be absorbed by the body, kaya bitin sa nutrisyon ang ibang mga bata. The tummy's good bacteria play an important role, too. One of their functions is to help break down proteins and dairy-based food.

    Healthy Tummy = Happier Kids

    Of course, healthy tummies are better able to do their job properly. And when the tummy is in good condition, there's a lower risk of problems such as constipation and indigestion, leading to happier kids—and mommies!

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