• Mana sa Mommy, Mana sa Daddy: What Your Kids Inherit from You
    Here's a rundown of what your kids have inherited from you—and what you can do about it.
  • Admit it: You can't help but feel a tinge of pride when someone tells your child, "Uy, you have your mom's eyes," or "You have your dad's smile!" That being said, parents pass on more than just their looks to their children. In fact, kids inherit a wide variety of traits from their parents, such as their facial features and body types. What children get from their parents goes beyond their physical appearance.

    There's no need to fret, though. Epigenetics, a specialized field in genetic studies, claims that nutrition and lifestyle choices can help turn off genes that cause undesired traits and prevent them from manifesting later in life. Here are just some of the most common characteristics that kids inherit and what you can do to maximize them:


    These include everything from major traits, such as skin color, to minor ones, such as having dimples. A major concern of parents is height, especially if they themselves aren't especially tall. While height is largely genetic, remember that poor nutrition can prevent a child from reaching his full height potential. That's why feeding him healthy, balanced meals is very important.


    Children can also inherit genes that make them susceptible to obesity and allergies. Too much protein can actually make them more likely to develop obesity, because excess protein is processed and stored by the body as fat. Also, certain quality proteins are easier for a child's body to digest, thereby reducing the risk of milk allergy. However, providing children with right amounts of quality protein may help them avoid these health issues later in life. When kids get the proper amount of quality protein, they become less prone to fat accumulation, which in turn decreases their risk for obesity.


    Intelligence is determined by genetics, but the environment plays a role, too. The human brain is constantly changing and also adapting to new experiences. If you involve your child in fun and mentally stimulating activities, she can take her natural intelligence further.

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