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  • Mommy's Guide to Raising Children with Strong Bones

    There’s no better time to start than during their childhood.

    As a parent, there are a lot of things about your kids that you worry about on a daily basis, but perhaps the most overlooked is making sure their bones are healthy. Making sure that your kids grow up with strong bones is important because it will set them up for a healthy future when they grow up. Did you know that the little gestures you do today while they're still young, can help them in so many ways when they grow up?

    There's no better time to build strong and healthy bones than in their childhood. Healthy bones will set the foundation for the rest of their lives, and help avoid potential problems such as osteoporosis.

    Here are some tiny but powerful tips or tricks to make sure that you are raising children with strong bones:

    Encourage active play for your kids

    The more that you use your bones, the stronger they get, and this rings true both for kids and adults. Activities that involve running, walking, dancing and playing can all contribute towards encouraging the growth of strong bones in your children.

    Keep your kids away from secondhand smoke

    Everyone is already aware that smoking can do awful things to the heart and lungs. But very few people know that it also kills the body's natural ability to absorb calcium and can lead to brittleness of bones. Your kids are currently at the height of their calcium absorption, and secondhand smoke has adverse effects to that ability. 

    Have some fun in the sun

    Additional vitamins like vitamin K and the sunlight's popular vitamin D encourage additional absorption of calcium in the body. Not only does regular sunlight exposure help put a sunny and fun disposition in your kids' playtime, it also makes sure that they grow up with stronger bones and teeth.

    Power up with calcium-rich snacks

    You can infuse calcium in your kids' recovery snack after play time to help them replenish their lost energy. You can also play up your kids' cereal with milk, put a yogurt dip on broccoli and other vegetables, serve up a cheese-laden pizza, or have a steady supply of almonds. Are your children allergic to milk or are they lactose-intolerant? Don't worry. Even dark leafy green vegetables are a good source of calcium so you can put in more of those during lunch and dinner. In fact, soups can also be used as a power house source of calcium by adding white beans.

    There are a lot of food rich in calcium, but most mothers and nutritionists recommend milk for children because a single glass can already provide as much as 1/3 of your kids' daily needs. Chuckie with Calci-N is based directly on milk and has exactly the same amount of calcium. It contains calcium which helps build strong bones and Vitamin D, which helps bones better absorb calcium.

    Starting young is the key to raising kids with strong bones. Giving them calcium now, while their body is at its peak of absorbing the nutrient will set them up for a healthy future that they will surely thank you for when they grow up.

    Got any more tips on how to to raise kids with strong bones? Share them here!



This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Chuckie with Calci-N.