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Myth or Truth: What You Should Know About Your Child's Height

Is your kid's height really dependent on just his or her genes?

It’s a common assumption that Filipinos are generally short – a misconception that most Pinoys grew up with and accepted for the longest time. However, PediaSure Plus is giving hope to every mom who wants her kids to achieve their full growth potential, which is not dependent on just their genes.

MYTH: Your child’s height is dictated solely by your genes.

A lot of people believe that genetics dictate a child’s development – short parents have short children. However, a study by Aline Jelenkovic1 has revealed that 60 to 80 percent of a child’s growth in the first five years is largely dependent on his or her nutrition. It’s only the remaining 20 to 40 percent that is determined by genetics. A complete and balanced nutrition is essential for children to achieve their full growth potential.

MYTH: Jumping during New Year's Eve is going to help growth.

While it makes for good tradition, jumping during New Year's Eve doesn’t make a difference in your children’s growth. What matters is monitoring them regularly and giving them the right nutrition in their early years. As soon as your child reaches the age of 6, he or she won’t be able to depend as much on the 60 to 80 percent nutrition influence.

MYTH: You don’t need to track your child’s growth because there is nothing you can do.

A lot of moms don’t practice the habit of tracking their children’s growth, because they’ve accepted the common notion that Filipinos are generally short. What's more, they believe there is nothing they can do about it. But by tracking your child’s growth, you’ll get to check and see if there are any signs of a growth gap. This helps you make the necessary steps to address it right away.

Watch out for the three common barriers of growth: poor nutritional intake, picky eating, and recurring illness. If you notice your child has any of these, take action and give them necessary nutritional help. Try PediaSure Plus, it's an oral nutritional supplement that helps children catch up on growth.

TRUTH: Nutrition is crucial for your child’s growth and development

“According to Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI), 1 in 3 kids is stunted in the Philippines2,” says Dr. Jose Rodolfo Dimaano Jr., the area medical director of Abbott-Asia Pacific.

In fact, the FNRI also found that 1 out of 10 children is lagging behind in school due to sick days.3

“The only way to combat this is with proper nutrition during the critical window of growth,” Dr. Dimaano explains. “With the right nutrition for your children, you really can help them achieve their full growth potential.”

Providing the right nutrition also helps in boosting children’s immunity. This means fewer sick days and better focus on growing instead of fighting sickness.

PediaSure Plus helps provide children above 3 years old with the essential nutrients for their development, helping support increased height, weight, and immunity. Visit to learn more.


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This article is sponsored by PediaSure Plus.