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  • Water Games as Kids’ Physical Exercise
    1. Swimming Competition.
    If your kid already knows how to swim, you can gather up his relatives and friends and turn the ordinary pool visit into an amateur swimming competition. You can also reinvent the race to make it more exciting and creative. Of course, don’t forget to use a stop watch for this and come up with a good prize. You can do rounds of this game, as long as the kids are enjoying and aren’t exhausted yet.
    2. Scavenger Hunt 
    It’s easy yet absolutely fun. Scatter toys or items that float or sink, so that kids can hunt for them. These toys and items can already serve as the prizes of the game. Time this as well. 15-30 minutes of this game is a good start.
    3. Ball game
     Most of us do this even at the beach. Playing with a basketball, volleyball or beach ball in the water is effective physical exercise.  
    4. Chicken Game
     Perhaps you don’t know how it’s called though you have been playing it for a long time. The chicken game is a water game where one player sits on the shoulders of a partner (have girl-girl, boy-boy pairs, if you prefer) and tries to knock off his opponent. Whoever remains standing is, of course, the winner.
    5. Get Dressed
    Each player should have a shirt, shorts, and a pair of socks. All players have to do is line up at one end of the pool. A supervising parent should collect all the clothes of each player and get them all wet and mixed up before letting them sink to the bottom of the pool.
    6. Then game starts
    Each player has to race toward the other side of the pool to get one piece of clothing (shirt or shorts, whatever the player chooses first), then put it on. After this, they have to go to the other end of the pool and touch it to make a turn. Everyone should have a turn. The winning team is the one that “gets dressed” first.
    Parents and players can always create variations of such games, depending on each player’s age and ability or swimming skill, as some kids may be too young to tread the pool alone. You could also collaborate with other parents and make it a swimming pool play date.
    Safety Note: Make sure that the kids are properly supervised and that a life guard is nearby.
    Nevertheless, if you prefer to get your kids enrolled in a swimming class as their pool exercise, here are some swimming classes that you might be interested in.
    1. Bert Lozada Swim School
    Main Office: 2401 Tejeron St., Sta. Ana, ManilaTelephone No.: +63(2)563-5532 / +63(2)562-8041 / +63(2)589-1982Mobile No.:        0917-700-SWIME-Mail Address: info@bertlozadaswimschool.comWebsite: http://bertlozadaswimschool.com
    2. Aqualogic Swim Co.
    Contact Person: Ria Mackay, Head Instructor & Founder Telephone No.: +63(2) 703-6386Mobile No.: 0917-858-AQUA (2782)Website: http://aqualogicswimco.com/
    If you want to have a fun time swimming, there are plenty of hotels and sports centers that can provide rest and relaxation at the pool and host your games from Makati through Quezon City:
    Best Western Astor Hotel
    Somerset Millennium Makati
    Ascott Makati
    Renaissance Makati
    City Hotel Manila
    Dusit Thani Manila
    Makati Palace Hotel
    Celebrity Sports Plaza
    Quezon City Sports Club
    Regalia Tower Suites
    Imperial Palace Suites
    Manila Pavilion Hotel
    Century Park Hotel
    Makati Shangri-la
    Mandarin Oriental-Manila
    The Peninsula Manila
    Manila Midtown Hotel
    Dapitan Sports Complex
    Waterfront Manila City Hotel and Casino
    The Pearl Manila
    Manila Hotel
    Pan Pacific Manila Hotel
    Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila 
    Please note that applicable fees apply for swimming in these pools.

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