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  • Dairy Queen Churns Out Nutella Flavors

    And it's more than one flavor!
Dairy Queen Churns Out Nutella Flavors
  • Shut the front door! Gather the kids for a family meeting. Dairy Queen is shaking things up—but not too much that the Blizzard will slip out when you hold it upside-down. 

    This ice cream chain has just introduced Nutella to its arsenal of flavors. But calm down, because there's more. This beloved hazelnut spread has integrated itself into Dairy Queen's Blizzard line in two ways: Nutella Marshmallow and Nutella Brownie.

    Dairy Queen made the announcement last September 22 on their Facebook page. Now, set a date when you can bring the kids to taste the new flavors. Better yet, sneak out with hubby for a Nutella date.

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