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  • FIRST READ: Here's What You Can Expect From Disney's Frozen 2

    We can't hold it back anymore!
    by Kat Castaneda .
FIRST READ: Here's What You Can Expect From Disney's Frozen 2
PHOTO BY @disneyfrozen/Instagram
  • Frozen fans, are you all ready? After six long years, another thrilling adventure is set to show in the big screens this coming week.

    We all watched with excitement the Frozen 2 trailer earlier this year, and now that we’ve been lucky enough to see the movie at a special advanced screening, we share with you what we loved about the charming Disney sequel. Enjoy!

    What we loved about the Frozen 2 movie

    Elsa’s new mission

    An enchanting voice is calling Elsa! She knows that the voice is telling her to find her reason and the origin of her magical powers, but she knows her sister Anna will never let her do anything alone. We love how the film still focused on what the two sisters are capable of, with or without powers, and how Anna promised to stick with Elsa even if it meant going on a new adventure together. 


    The mystery of the Enchanted Forest

    Together with Olaf, Sven and Kristoff, Elsa and Anna ventured to a place they’ve been warned about by their late father—the enchanted forest north of Arendelle. As they entered the forest, they met the people called Northuldra and familiar faces from Arendelle, who have gone missing for a long period of time.  We were enchanted by the magical spirits surrounding the forest, including the presence of the newest and cutest character, a snow-licking salamander named Bruni (moviegoers’ favorite!) and the silent but deadly Earth Giants, a race of mountain-sized earth spirits, who will later on help Anna in her own mission.  

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    The truth about Arendelle and the people of Northuldra

    In the movie, you’ll find out that Anna is not only protecting her sister but also the future of Arendelle. The sisters realize that the only way to save everyone from the strange weather conditions brought about by the magical forces is by setting the truth free. But what is the truth? What will save the community from the North and the people of Arendelle? While we anticipate the return of King Agnarr and Queen Iduna, it looks like a different mystery is set to unfold. The movie slowly shifts to revealing the real character of Elsa and Anna’s grandfather and why the future of Arendelle was put in danger. While his grandfather thinks that magic cannot be trusted, we love what Elsa said that it is fear that cannot be trusted. 


    PHOTO BY Disney Philippines


    Elsa alone in the Ahtohallan River

    Determined to go alone, Elsa let go of Anna and Olaf to bring them back to safety in the forest. Elsa attempted to pass through the big waves from the sea and found a magical creature guarding the path underwater, which helped her reach the end of Ahtohallan river. This is the part where Elsa sang her solo “Into the Unknown,” and of course, we love the change outfit and light effects that come with it. Not only do we admire the outfit, but we love how Elsa is embracing who she really is and not being embarrassed about her magical powers anymore. 


    Anna and Kristoff’s love story continues to bloom

    While the movie focuses on Anna being a hero to Elsa and vice versa, we appreciate the patience and determination of Kristoff—not giving up and just looking after the sisters even if he has another agenda planted in his mind too. Like what Olaf said, “the things we do for love!”

    New favorite soundtrack

    Nothing compares to the classics “Let it Go” and “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” but you’ll definitely love the new tracks coming out in the second film. Some of our favorites which are sure to top the hit charts once again include “Into The Unknown,” “Show Yourself,” and Kristoff’s epic ‘80s-rock-inspired anthem, “Lost in the Woods” (yes, he definitely gets a solo this time around!).

    So is Frozen 2 better than the first? We can never let go of the first one but the two films are unique in their own ways. Frozen 2 did not disappoint as Disney gives us a fresh film structure—no villains, only new magical characters with big revelations and lovely music to sing along with. Of course, the movie is not to be enjoyed by little girls alone—it’s also for young gentlemen and for you, Moms and Dads. 


    Frozen 2 will be shown in Philippine cinemas starting November 20, 2019, Wednesday.

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