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20 Moms Deliver The Verdict On Dutch Mill: 'Hinahanap Na Palagi'
  • For most parents, it can be a tough battle getting the kids to eat more fruits and vegetables, especially when they get a taste of chicken nuggets, hot dog or chocolate. So when they find something that satisfies their desires (both parent and child), it becomes a pantry or ref staple. And if it comes with an affordable price, then we have a win-win situation.

    That seems to be the case for brand of yogurt drink Dutch Mill, which accepted our challenge to evaluate its “level up” products* that had improved formulation and new flavors. We turned to our community, the Smart Parenting Villagefor help and had 20 moms (and their kids) do a road test to determine if this brand can get the Smart Mom Approved seal.

    Smart Parenting mom crew

    Following quarantine guidelines, we delivered Dutch Mill yogurt drink packs to the moms along with a questionnaire. Then one Saturday afternoon, we had an online get-together where 14 of these moms shared their honest feedback.

    Belle Betsy Aguilar, 29, is a freelancer and blogger with two kids: daughter Zelda, 3, and son Geralt, 1.

    Wyona Marie “Yona” Young, 28, used to work as a school nurse, but now stays home with kids Samuel, 8, and Sammiah, 1.

    Maricar “Car” Sy, 35, works as a program coordinator at a consultancy firm and cares for son Kean, 5.

    Shane Gaza, 26, is devoted to her only child Sean, who’s almost 2 years old.

    Glaiza Leuterio, 35, works at a logistics company and has three daughters: Reyzah Mae, 18; Geraldyne Mae, 5, and Guinevere Mae, who was born a few days after our virtual get-together!

    Marianne Ricci Javier-Rullan (left), 32, seen here with daughter Olivia Margaret, almost 4, works at an international banking agency. Melody Joy “Mel” Quililan, 35, with daughter Ava Mielle, 7, is an online mompreneur.

    Kristine “Tin” Bugasto, 35, is on maternity leave to continue caring for her newborn named Kade, who’s her second, after Kaleia, 4.

    Dayanne Crisologo, 29, works in the government and has one child, Martina, 2.

    Jeneveve Aniag, 32, used to work as a social media virtual assistant and is now a fulltime homemaker looking after her three kids Alexandra, 11; Alexandre, 5; and Althea, 2. 

    Alex Lodronio, 36, is an enterprising online seller with two kids Marcus, 8, and Lucas, one-and-a-half years old.

    KB Ignacio, 33, works at an advertising agency and has a son, Uno Joaquin, 6.

    Cherlene S. Mandap, 25, is a work-at-home mom to Clint, 6; Clark, 4; and Clayton, 1.

    Mariella “Yela” Lao, 27, is an art director and mom to Jarren Mikiel Concordia, 5.

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    Toddlers Sean Rodolfa (left) and Liz Lopez

    Those who did not make it to the virtual discussion were: 

    Christine Larracoechea, 36, who has two kids, Carsten, 7, and Camry, 5

    Jillian Urbien, 31, who has two  kids, Justine, 13, and Joshua, 9

    Jennifer B. Lopez, 30, who has a daughter, Liv Carlisle, 1

    Inna Del Mundo-Corpuz, 32, a preschool teacher who has a daughter, Musika, 2.8

    Canly Raine Bolivar, 34, and has two sons, Joseph, 6, and Isaac, 4

    Marinyl Aguado, 31, has one child, Bren, 1

    Dutch Mill’s brand claims

    The moms shared their and their children’s experiences and even made suggestions as they discussed the following claims of Dutch Mill: 

    • kid’s favorite drink
    • nutritious yogurt drink for kids
    • flavors that kids love
    • affordable or abot kaya

    Kid’s favorite drink

    Hands-down, Dutch Mill is a winner for the kids. And that is why the moms believe in the brand claim as a kid’s favorite drink — and you don’t have to ask their kids twice if they like it. For many of the moms, Dutch Mill had already been part of the family’s grocery list before this discussion, and moms would even horde the product at the grocery.


    Nutritious yoghurt drink for kids

    The moms unanimously said the nutrient content has a big impact on their decision to buy food or drink for their kids.

    They were asked if they think that Dutch Mill’s new and improved formulation called Nu-3-io Plus (additional vitamins B3, B6, and B12 with zinc, iodine, and vitamin E), makes it a cut above the rest of similar brands (“angat sa iba”). They said yes, stating that they really go for what is nutritious and not just tasty for their kids.

    Car explained, “Kasi as a mom, I’m not only after the taste but more importantly ’yong nutrients. So malaking bagay ’yon sa akin. In a way, nabibigyan niya ako ng assurance and comfortable feeling na very safe siya for my kid to have that kind of drink. So, yes.”

    Mom of Zelda Aguilar (left) finds Dutch Mill helpful when kids don't get all their nutrients. Musika Corpuz shows off her Dutch Mill haul.

    Belle pointed out, citing her experience with her kids, “Ang hirap kasi nilang painumin ng vitamins, kaya very helpful si Dutch Mill.”

    Cherlene admitted with a laugh, “Iwas mommy guilt daw for giving my kids some sweet drink.”

    Jeneveve (right) buys Dutch Mill because it’s her eldest child's favorite. But she uses it as their treat once or twice a week, or “pag very good sila so they look forward to having it.” (Left) The Bolivar siblings who look like twins but are not!

    Marianne said, “Sa akin, kung meron akong ibibigay na drink sa daughter namin, ’yong hindi lang taste, but added nutrients. Lalo ngayon na online class siya. Hindi na kasi ngayon nagmi-milk. Maaga siyang nag-stop…Mas nakaka-enganyo na ipainom dahil sa added vitamins. Hindi lang dahil favorite niya.”

    Widest range of flavors that kids love

    The moms were impressed with the range of Dutch Mill flavors, but they actually wish for more and suggested it would be nice to have the following: mango, grape, banana, apple, watermelon, chocolate, and vanilla.


    The reviews are mixed when it comes to taste — moms would love a certain flavor, but their kids did not or vice versa.  

    The majority including the kids enjoyed the berry flavors — Strawberry, Blueberry, and Mixed Berries. Some liked Orange and Superfruits.

    A couple of them, like Mel, thought Melon was fine, “lasang melon medyo may asim lang.” Three moms, however, preferred other flavors.

    On the other hand, a few were not into the popular berry flavors. Glaiza wondered if it was her pregnancy hormones, but she and her daughter both preferred other flavors.

    Tin (her kids on the left) made popsicles out of the yogurt drink, particularly the orange flavor, and the kids liked it this way than drinking it. Christine Larracoechea's daughter is on the right.

    While the moms agree that the product is quite flavorful, many of them pointed out it’s not necessarily the creamiest if compared to artisanal yogurt.


    Affordable/ abot kaya

    The moms were in agreement that the product, which sells at Php10.50 per 90 ml pack, is affordable or abot kaya. Before they did this road test, they noted they already bought Dutch Mill by the bundle rather than “tingi-tingi.” Yona wished the brand would offer promo bundles more often in groceries and supermarkets.

    KB, who is a member of the Smart Parenting Mom Network, suggested a price cut “kahit 50 cents to one peso” would be appreciated as “every peso counts.” She also felt that for a small pack, the product’s price could have been pegged at Php7 a piece.

    The verdict

    Despite differences in taste and preferred flavors among fellow moms and moms and their kids, this mom crew says Dutch Mill is practically a staple in their households. Overall, they believe the new formulation, which promises additional nutrients, is another reason to stick to the brand. Those who have been buying the product say they will continue doing so as their kids really enjoy it — “hinahanap na palagi.” #SPSmartMomApproved


    *Dutch Mill has previously received a Smart Mom Approved seal from our community in 2019. You can read it here.  

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