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  • The Internet Came To Help This Mom And Her Broth Cube Problem

    by Kitty Elicay .
The Internet Came To Help This Mom And Her Broth Cube Problem
PHOTO BY courtesy of Mimi Bermas-Beltran
  • Toddlers are adorable and our love for them is endless, but they sure can be a handful sometimes. We can’t even leave them alone for five minutes because they can cause total chaos when we’re not looking. That’s definitely what new mom Mimi Bermas-Beltran learned when her 11-month-old son, Ethan mixed all their broth cubes together.

    In a Facebook group for moms, Mimi shared her dilemma and wrote, “My naughty son mixed all my Knorr cubes together. Beef, pork, chicken, fish, and shrimp cubes. Now I don’t know which is which. Please help a mama here.”

    For proof, here’s what Ethan did:

    We have to give the little boy credit for arranging it neatly inside the container, LOL!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Mimi Bermas-Beltran
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    Of course, the mommas all worked together to help a fellow nanay out. One mom snapped a photo of the cubes and differentiated it using the wrappers. “Beef is darkest gold (like deep gold). Shrimp has vertical lines. Pork has ‘Knorr’ on the label and is lightest in color. Chicken, open and it should be the lightest cube. Good luck!”


    Another mom shared that she knows the cubes by heart. “Beef is darker and with somewhat yellow stain on the wrapper. Pork has light brown stain only,” she wrote.

    A wife of a chef also shared a nifty trick: “Yellow is chicken (chicken fat is yellow) and dark brown is beef. Hope this helps narrow it down!”

    Then there was one who said to just use any of the broth cubes when cooking. “It won’t change the taste naman daw. Just enhancing the flavor of the base," she shared.

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    It also seems like this is a common occurrence for parents, since another mom shared photo where all the cubes are opened and arranged side-by-side with the correct box. Should you ever face the same predicament, here’s how the actual cubes look like:

    Make sure you save this on your phone!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Den Galvez

    As for Mimi, it seems she wasn’t able to wait for the advice, since she went back to the comments to give an update about her situation: They smelled and tasted a tiny piece of each cube, sorted it out, and labelled each one. OMG!

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    Mimi with her husband and son, Ethan.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Mimi Bermas-Beltran

    Who did the tasting? No other than Mimi’s husband, who apparently, was at fault for giving the broth cubes to Ethan while she was cooking. Naku naman, daddy! “[He] tasted them all,” Mimi wrote with laughing emojis.

    Good job to dad, I guess, but it’s definitely a lesson for all parents: “Malingat ka lang, magkakagulo na!” LOL.

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