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  • 6 Ways To Give Your Home A New Look And Bring In Positive Energy

    Instantly spruce up your space for the new year!
    by Lou Velle Mariano .
6 Ways To Give Your Home A New Look And Bring In Positive Energy
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  • The look of the house usually defines the mood of the place. A new look does not only provide appeal and beauty to a room but can also rid it of anxiety and stress, and can even attract positivity for a better day. Here are helpful ways to give your home a fresh look this coming year: 

    1.  Always keep the house clean and tidy.

    Keeping up with daily housekeeping does not have to take much of your time. You can start with little habits such as making the bed every day and putting clothes in the laundry instead of leaving them on the floor until they pile up. Doing so will save you a ton of cleaning tasks in the end.   

    2. Bring in some indoor plants.

    Aside from adding natural beauty to our living spaces, plants also transform the room to make it more inviting. They also purify and clean the air we breathe, thereby improving health. (Check out these plants that bring good luck!)


    3. Add a mirror.

    Mirrors usually make your space more pleasant and beautiful because they increase the brightness to the room and bring in good energy.

    4. Rearrange the furniture.

    Move the furniture around to refresh the look of your place. With a little creativity, you can change the mood and flow of energy to achieve a more harmonious state of mind. Rearranging is also a way to redecorate your room without spending any money.

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    5. Hang some wall art.

    A plain wall may look good for those who follow the minimalist lifestyle, but for most of use, a bare wall may look dull. Hanging artwork to your wall is the finishing touch for most decorating projects. Wall art adds grace and elegance to a room or even tells a story without saying any words. The power of art in your home décor can draw someone’s attention and focus to it. Out of budget? You can resort to DIY projects or printouts from the internet.


    6. Keep your home smelling good.

    The sense of smell can greatly affect a person’s mood. Set the right one in your home using candles, essential oils, incense and diffusers. Lavender is a favorite scent of many because it promotes relaxation; jasmine relieves the body of anxiety, while peppermint is an energy booster.

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