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  • 7 Cleaning Services To Help Disinfect Your Home For Your Peace Of Mind

    They have protocols in place that minimize the risks of bringing the virus inside your place.
    by Din Real Bautista .
7 Cleaning Services To Help Disinfect Your Home For Your Peace Of Mind
PHOTO BY @rainbowcleanersph and @missterclean via Instagram
  • By now we are aware of the many ways we can prevent the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) from entering our homes after we've been outside, from disinfecting our clothes and sanitizing grocery items. (Read a doctor's 25-point checklist to minimize the possibility of being a carrier here.) 

    7 cleaning services you can avail for condos and homes

    You're probably cleaning your homes twice a day and spraying alcohol all over, but if you want to be more assured that your home or office is properly disinfected, here is a list of cleaning services that provide proper sanitation and disinfection that can help give you peace of mind.

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    Ninja Made PH

    Total deep cleaning and disinfection package starts at Php80/sqm. Base rate for thorough sanitation and disinfection starts at Php1,500 for 80sqm and below. 


    Ninja Made PH has a 6-step deep cleaning process that they have been using pre-COVID. This includes assessing, sanitizing, steaming, disinfection treatment, air purification, and sterilizing. Their solutions used to clean and disinfect are EPA and WHO-certified which are proven to kill the coronavirus. 

    The company uses power brushes and scrubbers, water filtration vacuum, power steamers that disinfect surfaces with heat 6-times hotter than the temperature of boiling water, hydrogen peroxide (H2o2) and ULV cold fogger for a disinfection treatment that can last 2 months, medical mobile UV-C sterilizer to sterilize the whole house, and air purifier which emits a disinfecting solution for non-porous surfaces.

    To ease clients' worries, they conduct routine health checks (including taking COVID-19 tests) with their staff to make sure they are all fit to work before being sent to clients. They provide transportation to monitor exposure and the cleaners wear personal protective equipment (PPE) while inside the homes. Even their machines and tools undergo deep cleaning before bringing to the client and they use new cleaning materials for every booking to avoid potential contamination.

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    For bookings, call 0917-166544 or email inquiry@ninjamade.ph. For more information, check out @ninjamadeph on Facebook and Instagram.

    Rainbow Cleaners

    Base rate for sanitizing services is between Php500 to Php650 for every 50sqm while the base rate for intensive cleaning is at Php45/sqm. Transportation, VAT, and service charge apply.


    Rainbow Cleaners have made adjustments for the "new normal." They shifted to heavy cleansers as recommended by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and introduced a wider range of sanitizing services including UV cleaning, chlorine dioxide (ClO2) misting, and cold fogging.

    Their cleaners and staff have undergone FDA-certified rapid tests before coming back to work. They provide housing and transportation to avoid exposure as well as PPEs to wear while cleaning.

    For bookings, call 0917-5844564. For more information, check out @rainbowcleanersph on Facebook and Instagram.

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    Sweep Inspirations

    Rate starts at Php1,300/ hour for basic disinfection and Php1,800/ hour for premier disinfection.


    Sweep Inspirations offer basic disinfection which uses CDC-recommended cleaning and wiping process using disinfectant cleaners. Their premier disinfection package includes the application of anti-microbial nano-coating on high touch surfaces — the surface self-disinfects even with continuous touching and wiping — that can give clients 24/7 protection for 30 days.

    According to the company, the same technology is being used in Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand against COVID-19. They also offer disinfectant fogging which involves a dry fog that will quickly fill a space and even hard-to-reach areas and eliminate microorganisms on all surfaces including the ambient air.

    To ensure the health and well-being of cleaners and customers, they have conducted rapid testing and implement daily temperature screening and health checks.

    For bookings call 0917-8139490. For more information, check out @sweepinspirations on Facebook and Instagram.

    Cleaning Lady PH

    Rate for 2-Step disinfection service: Php30/sqm minimum of Php1,500; general surface cleaning for condos (rate per Cleaning Lady): Php549 for 1.5hrs, Php 675 for 2hrs; general surface cleaning for residential (rate per Cleaning Lady): Php 1,000 for 2hrs (Php200/hr excess); deep cleaning (using Rainbow vacuum for thorough cleaning of beds, sofa, and carpet and other upholstery to remove dust and dust mites) starts at Php 2,400 for 2 hours.


    Their 2-step disinfection process uses a Bactakleen power sprayer with a non-toxic, water-based anti-bacteria and anti-fungal spray that provides instant disinfection of all contact surfaces. They also have an antibacterial fogging machine that purifies and improves the quality of air that circulates inside the home and offices. This also helps eliminate bad odor in enclosed spaces.

    Before resuming operations, all cleaning ladies were asked to get medical certificates from their respective barangays. They were also provided with different sets of alcohol, face masks, face shields, and gloves for indoors and outdoors. Transportation is provided to lessen virus exposure.

    For bookings call 0939-8383471. For more information, check out @cleaningladyph on Facebook and Instagram.

    Misis Linis

    Sanitation and disinfection start at Ph 25 to Php 35per sqm. They also offer premium sanitation services such as surface disinfection, surface and floor steaming, ultramisting, and UV sterilization.


    In light of the pandemic, Misis Linis has upgraded its cleaning agents to WHO-recommended solutions for COVID-19 disinfection. Their staff all tested negative for the virus and they also do health checks every day. Wearing of PPEs and disinfection and sterilization after use is strictly implemented. They have also limited the number of cleaning bookings to one per day.

    For bookings, call 0923-0834738. For more information, check out @misislinis on Instagram and @misislinisph on Facebook.

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    MistTer Clean PH

    Basic general cleaning starts at Php100/sqm, deep general cleaning starts at Php200/sqm, and disinfecting service starts at Php60/sqm.


    Mistter Cleaning uses sprays and a steaming machine and anti-bacterial mist for disinfection. Their basic general cleaning includes cleaning the whole floor area (all surfaces and hard to reach areas), hydrovacuum machines, steaming machine, antibacterial misting, and disinfecting spray. Deep general cleaning includes basic cleaning service plus shampooing of any upholstery like sofas, mattresses, carpets, and curtains.

    Their cleaners are meticulously screened for symptoms and are required to use PPEs for the whole duration of cleaning. Private transportation is also provided. They are currently processing COVID-testing for all the staff including the owners.

    For bookings call 0917-3634178. For more information, check out @mistterclean on Instagram.

    Newnormph Solutions

    Base rate is Php35 to Php50 per sqm depending on the area.


    The company uses an all-natural, hospital-grade disinfection solution to eliminate bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Their intensive disinfection includes spraying and wiping hot spot areas like doorknobs, switches, chairs, staircases, etc using eco-friendly disinfectants; ultra-low volume misting or fogging to apply  disinfectants, biocides, fungicides, and pesticides to a variety of surfaces and areas; and UV-C light sanitation.

    The safety of their staff and clients is the top priority so they do rapid testing for the cleaners. The staff also wears PPEs, goggles, and gloves, and they follow proper disinfection protocols all the time.

    For bookings call 0998-5184588. For more information, check out @newnormphsolutions on Instagram.

    Din Real Bautista is a proud full-time homemaker, blogger, and member of the SmartParenting Mom Network. She's a wife to Beejay and mommy to Monica, showing what’s real, one story at a time. Follow her on Instagram @dinrealbautista.

    Did you know sanitizing and disinfecting are different from each other? Learn which method to use when cleaning certain items here.

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