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  • Ways to Teach your Kids about Holy Week

    Here are some things you can do so that even the little ones in your family can join in celebrating one of the holiest and happiest times in the Church year.
    by Tina Santiago-Rodriguez .
  • stations of crossHoly Week is almost upon us, which means Lent is almost over and Easter is almost here! When Lent began, many of us adults probably found ourselves thinking about what we could do to be better persons or looking for ways to add more meaning to our lives.  We may have even attended a recollection or retreat so we could reflect more on the true meaning of Easter.

    As parents, we probably also tried to prepare our families for the Lenten season, as best as we could. Now that Holy Week and Easter are just around the corner, it’s also time to teach our children about these significant occasions in the Church calendar (this applies not only to Catholics but also to Christians of other denominations as well).

    Here is how you can teach your kids about Holy Week and Easter:

    1. Days before Palm Sunday, explain the significance of each day of Holy Week to them.

    a. Tell them that the entire week, starting with Palm Sunday and Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, is a time to remember the passion and death of Jesus, and that Easter Sunday is a day of great rejoicing.

    b. Use terms that are age-appropriate to your kids. It may help to make a simple chart or drawing to further illustrate your explanation.

    c. You can also say that counting down the days to Easter Sunday is similar to counting down the days to Christmas. Focus more on the beauty and joy of Easter, rather than Jesus’ suffering and death, so that the kids will feel like they have something to look forward to.

    d. For sample explanations (with illustrations) of the events of Holy Week, you can use the resources available from ICC Religious Education by clicking here.

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