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  • 7 Ways to Stop Clutter When Tidying Up Your Child's Room Feels Overwhelming

    Don’t let the the endless number of toys and knickknacks pile up!
    by Kate Borbon .
7 Ways to Stop Clutter When Tidying Up Your Child's Room Feels Overwhelming
  • Despite the overwhelming number of toys, clothes, and random stuff in your child’s room, it doesn’t have to remain looking like a mess all the time. Here are some tips you can try to organize your little one’s room once and for all.

    Use storage units

    Take control of the clutter by making use of storage units such as shelves for books, baskets for small toys, and jars or cups for art materials. You can even use file organizers to hold your child’s artworks or school tests and homework. Clear containers can make it easier to return everything to where they belong. 

    Color-code everything

    Clutter can be overwhelming to look at, but by organizing everything by color, the junk in your child’s room might be a little bit less of an eyesore!

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    Label everything

    When you’re in a rush, you might find yourself just throwing stuff into whatever nook or container you can find just so you can get rid of the clutter. Labels can help you prevent that dilemma. It can also teach your child where he can return his stuff after using them. If your little one is not yet able to read, pictures or drawings can be used as labels, as well.

    Designate zones in the room

    One way to avoid getting random objects scattered all over your child’s room is by designating specific zones and teaching your child early on to recognize them. For instance, the part of the room with a table can be identified as a study or craft area, which means that only school or art materials should be kept there, while the bed can be designated as a rest area, which means that crayons and markers are not supposed to be left there.

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    Fold clothes neatly

    Time to put what you learned from Marie Kondo to good use! Make sure to fold every piece of clothing neatly and to be consistent in doing so to keep your child’s cabinet orderly.

    Maximize your vertical space

    No space for a shelf or a cabinet? Hooks can help! Install hooks on which your child can place his possessions, such as bags, clothes, and towels. Floating shelves can also be a great way to make the most of the free vertical space in your child’s room.


    Invest in double-duty furniture

    The great thing about double-duty furniture is that they are versatile. For instance, a bed with spacious drawers underneath can not only serve as a sleeping space for your child but also as an area for him to stow his clothes and other stuff. They help you save precious floor space, as well.


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