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  • Tambak? Where to Donate or Sell Old Clothes, Furniture and More

    Electronics, baby gear, toys, and books too!
    by Jillianne E. Castillo .
Tambak? Where to Donate or Sell Old Clothes, Furniture and More
PHOTO BY Courtesy of ReStore
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  • Whether there are three or seven of you in the family, you're bound to have tambak hiding somewhere in your house. It's time to gather all the clutter and make room in your home! Here are places where you can sell or donate some of the stuff you don't need anymore: 

    1. Clothes

    If you’re a parent with little kids, you know how quickly clothes can pile up at home. Next thing you know, those pants you bought last year for Christmas don’t fit your child anymore. Instead of taking up space in the closet, consider donating them to charitable instituions. Here’s a list of where you can bring them: 

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    • Segunda Mana
    • H&M Foundation
    • Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation
    • Citizens' Disaster Response Center
    • Christian Mission Service Philippines
    • Operation Blessing Foundation

    Get their details here.

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    2. Furniture and appliances

    ReStore is a home improvement charity store managed by Habitat for Humanity Philippines. Items that can be donated include furniture, appliances, lighting fixtures, kitchenware, home decor, tools and hardware, and sporting goods  (they should be gently used or in good working condition). ReStore can pick up goods for donation for free as long as it's in bulk and they are big-ticket items.  

    If you don't have anything to donate, but you're looking to remodel or renovate, you can shop for all of the above at ReStore at lower or marked down prices. And ReStore doesn't just receive pre-loved items from individuals; they get new items from corporations too. 

    Learn more about them here:
    Donate or Shop? You Can Do Both at This Home Improvement Store!

    3. Electronics

    Old computer CPUs and monitors, out-of-date cell phones, stereos and other electronics can be tricky to get rid of. It's not something you can just throw in the trash, so here's a solution. The E-Waste Project collects old and defective electronic devices and disposes of them properly through a DENR-accredited company that processes electronic waste. 

    Unfortunately, the E-Waste Project isn't all year round. They set up drives every once in a while and let people know about the schedule through their Facebook page. For now, gather your e-waste for the next collection. 

    Learn more about the E-Waste Project here: 
    We Found an Easy Way to Dispose of Old Electronic Devices

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    4. Baby gear

    Babies seem to grow out their belongings faster than you can change a diaper! You’ll find yourself buying more stuff even before you’ve gotten rid of the old ones. Here's where Carousell comes in. Carousell is a website and an app where you can sell pre-loved items -- and shop for good deals. A lot of moms sell baby gear (strollers, play pens, high chairs, etc.), kids’ clothes, books and toys using the site.

    Read about mommy sellers and Carousell here: 
    We Found an Easy Way to Sell Outgrown Baby Gear, Apparel, and More

    5. Books, toys and play ride-ons

    Children are notorious for being “mabilis magsawa” or “takaw tingin” -- you buy them books or a toy and they’re only interested for a day or two. Instead of letting toys and books gather dust in a corner, donate them to the Philippine Toy Library. PTL works with local government offices to create children's spaces on the barangay level. “Children whose families cannot afford to buy toys and books will be able to experience playing and reading -- experiences that are crucial to children’s development,” their website reads.

    Find more details on how to donate to them here:
    Donate, Share or Partner - Philippine Toy Library 

    *6. Breast milk and blood

    Okay, technically this isn’t “tambak” but if you have the capacity to donate, it’s always good to help out. Take it from nursing mom and frequent donor Rodessa who shares, “Breast milk saves lives. It’s food and nutrition now for babies in need, but the benefits last a lifetime.” The same goes for donating blood as patients involved in accidents and the hospitals caring for them are in need of donations every day. 

    Read about Rodessa’s story and how you can donate breast milk here:
    One Pinay Mom's Experience: How and Where to Donate Breast Milk

    Find out if you are qualified to donate blood, and where you can do it:
    5 Myths About Donating Blood You Should Not Believe

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