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#ShareKoLang 5 Hacks To Keep Your Vegetables Fresh For Weeks
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Ana Knicolai Mendoza and KD Quintano-Hampac
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    Running errands these days mean stocking up on essentials — from homecare supplies to cooking ingredients. Since our trips outside are limited, it’s a must to buy fruits and vegetables in bulk that can last for at least a week.

    One of the challenges of this setup is keeping fresh produce fresher for longer. While you can keep your greens in your ref’s vegetable compartment, there’s still a chance it can get moldy and slimy. Of course, we don’t want our veggies — and any consumable — to go to waste para less gastos!

    How to keep vegetables and fruits fresh

    Not all vegetables are alike and there are easy hacks to keep them crisper for longer. While it’s common practice to wash what you’ve just bought before storing them in the refrigerator, some items are best kept in a cool, dry place or wrapped in paper towels first before keeping them in the ref.

    To help you keep your produce fresh for days, here are tips to keep in mind:

    Brown bag hack

    These brown bags keep vegetables fresh for weeks!
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Ana Knicolai Mendoza

    Paper towels wrapped in aluminum foil can help keep vegetables fresh for longer, but here's a more cost-effective trick: place them inside brown paper bags! On the Facebook group Home Buddies, user Ana Knicolai Mendoza shares that this is her technique for organizing their fridge.

    "For vegetables like cilantro, it has to be inside a paper bag then placed inside a container to last for a month," she says.

    Here's a photo of how her cilantro looks like after being placed inside the fridge for three weeks.
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Ana Knicolai Mendoza

    Sealed plastic bag hack

    Are you the type who buys a ton of green, leafy vegetables? Since moisture causes veggies to rot and become limp, you can wrap the unwashed leaves in a paper towel. Doing so absorbs the excess moisture in your leafy veggies.

    Once you’ve wrapped the leafy vegetables, keep them in a sealed plastic bag before storing them in the ref. Remember to keep different varieties in separate bags.

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    Outside the ref tip

    Mom KD Quintano-Hampac makes these herself, but you can also order similar hanging mesh organizers from Shopee.
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of KD Quintano-Hampac

    Not all vegetables are meant to be stored in the ref — even if we think placing them in the ref can keep produce fresher. Tomatoes, squash, garlic, onions, and potatoes must be kept in a cool, dry, and dark spot in your kitchen or in a cupboard.

    On the Facebook group Home Buddies, mom KD Quintano-Hampac shares that she uses a macrame hanger (which she made herself!) to hold onion and garlic. It’s both beautiful and practical! 

    The lettuce hack

    If you love preparing salads, you might be stocking up on lettuce. Lettuce bought in a sealed bag can go straight to the fridge, but don’t forget to consume it before the expiration date as it can get bad even the leaves look fresh.


    Iceberg lettuce can be kept in the vegetable compartment, but if you have assorted leaves, it’s best to wash and dry them thoroughly before storing them in a ventilated paper bag with paper towels.

    Mushroom tip

    Fresh mushrooms must not be stored in plastic bags as these are known to trap moisture that causes mildew. Store fresh mushrooms in paper bags to allow them to breathe and slow down their decay. If you don’t have paper bags at home, they can be kept in their original packaging then wrapped in plastic wrap poked with holes.

    Bonus hack

    If you also bought fresh fruits, don’t store them with your vegetables. Avocados, mangoes, and apples can be stored in a basket on your kitchen countertop, while grapes and berries can be refrigerated.

    Do you love bananas? Bananas are known to emit ethylene gas which is said to cause fruits and veggies to ripen faster. It’s best to store bananas away from other produce by hanging them on a banana hook. Doing so prolongs its shelf life by allowing air to circulate around the fruit.

    How do you organize your freezer? Click here to see how moms do it!

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