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5 Simple Phrases That Every Mom Needs To Hear
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  • Being a mom is one of the most wonderful gifts of life, but the toughest as well. Having to do a lot over a short period of time, while juggling your kids’ needs, time with your husband, work, and everything else in between, is very stressful!

    During these moments, having a different perspective and a simple positive phrase is sometimes all it takes to keep you going. Let a fellow mom feel good about herself by telling her these:

    “You are doing great!”

    Moms have a lot of insecurities and fears about raising a child. Appreciate their efforts no matter how small they are. Isn’t it wonderful when someone else notices your hard work?

    “You are not alone.”

    Letting them know that they are not the only one who feels frustrated and emotionally exhausted through this motherhood journey will give them confidence and positivity to face each day.

    “Do you need a break?”

    Even a short break for some self-care is greatly rewarding for a mom. It can be in the form of a simple date with her husband, catching up with a friend over coffee, or a long shower to ease some emotional stresses. 

    “You are raising good people.”

    For a mom, hearing someone compliment her child as someone growing up with good attributes and manners is highly fulfilling. It tells her that she is on the right track of being a good parent.

    “It’s all worth it.”

    Every mom knows that once you become a parent, you certainly have a lot to give up. Acknowledging their sacrifices will make everything a lot better.

    It won’t hurt to say some few positive and encouraging words to make someone’s day better. Start today!

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