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  • This Baby's Monthly Milestone Photos Channel Pop Culture Icons

    Looking for Halloween inspiration? Check out this baby's photo collection -- and he's just 10 months old.
    by Rachel Perez .
This Baby's Monthly Milestone Photos Channel Pop Culture Icons
PHOTO BY Ringo Sid/Instagram
  • In case you missed it, we totally adore babies in costumes (click herehere, and here to see just how much). And with Halloween just right around the corner, we've been on the lookout for inspiration. We didn't have to look far -- our inbox provided us with the wonderful surprise. 

    Ten-month-old Ringo Sid proves babies don't need to be limited to onesie costumes. He has transformed into 15 iconic pop culture characters so far, and he's just starting. In fact, he started early -- his first dress-up photo was taken when he was four days old, according to his Instagram. Too early? His parents don't think so at all. 

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    "Just like other parents, we wanted Ringo to have cute baby pictures for us to look at in the future," Ringo's parents, Cathy and Gino Roberto, told via email. "We’re big pop culture fans and this is where we draw inspirations from. We just hope Ringo grows up sharing the same interest and be proud of the photos we took of him," they added.


    Cathy and Gino say they try to be diverse as possible in choosing what costumes to make Ringo wear. To make things more challenging and fun, they make their son’s costumes. Yes, Gino actually makes the costumes out of ordinary materials sourced from the stores! He's an artist who makes toys as hobby so coming up with clothes tailor-fit to Ringo was not so difficult. Lucky mom! 

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    Cathy and Gino make a different costume for each of Ringo's monthly milestones. "Being first-time parents made us validate that one thing we would always hear -- that babies grow up so fast! So take as much photos of your baby and cherish those precious moments because you’ll never have that chance again," Cathy and Gino said. "We are just really thankful that we are able to creatively capture Ringo’s photos as he was growing up and we intend to continue on for as long as we can." 

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    Continuing this little family tradition is dependent on Ringo's continuous cooperation. "It was much easier to dress him up when he was younger. Now that Ringo is at an age where he’s more curious and reactive, we had to figure out some tricks to put him in the mood for a shoot," they shared.

    Those tricks include playing the song from his favorite show, Doc McStuffins, and having his toys and milk ready in case he throws a fit, or dressing and taking a photo while he's asleep. The latter was how they got their little boy in the Jack Sparrow costume, which they said was the easiest to do so far. We can only imagine how the other dress-ups went!

    As for parents who want to try their hand at making their babies’ own costumes, Cathy and Gino say DIY costumes are not difficult to do at all especially with tutorials on sewing, painting, sculpting, prop-making already available on the the internet.

    "It just takes a little creativity and effort to put a costume together. You can never go wrong in putting a baby in costume because they're already cute to begin with,” Cathy and Gino stressed. We think that’s a very valid point!


    This coming Halloween, Ringo's first ever, Cathy and Gino are putting together a costume that belongs in the horror/suspense genre. "This is something that we haven't done before," they said, adding that they hope to finish it on time. We already excited and look forward to seeing it!

    If you want to seem more of Ringo’s creative costumes -- he had also dressed up as Eleven of Stranger Things, Jon Snow of Game of Thrones, and Ash the Pokemon trainer - - follow his Instagram.

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