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  • Bianca Gonzalez's husband and professional basketball player JC Intal opened his first painting exhibit, entitled Rookie Mistake, last February 6, 2020. The mom of two knew that he loved to paint but didn't have an idea "it was of this kind" until two years ago.

    No one is prouder, of course, than Bianca, who has been posting and raving about her husband's accomplishment. She said people have also been congratulating her for something she "had nothing to do with." Still, the mom of two is filled with gratitude nonetheless.

    "It's all my husband! And I'm the supportive #fanwifey," the mom of wrote in her thank-you post on Instagram that's addressed to all her and JC's well-wishers on Instagram.

    But Bianca revealed she played another unique role in her husband's new major feat. "I call myself his "bwisitspiration," kasi 'pag nabwibwisit siya sa akin, he will spend alone time and paint," Bianca quipped.

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    It's a joke, but it can also an honest take on marriage, how Bianca "helped" JC be the best version of himself as an artist. It's impossible for a husband and wife to never have disagreements at all, and these can be a tool for creativity and productivity.

    We've written before about how a simple change in perspective can ease the tension when navigating relationship issues. For example, when your husband always asks you to find something that's right in front of him, then just see it as your husband can't live without you instead of getting angry. Channeling one's bwisit, or 'passionate' energy, into something creative or productive is another.

    There were a handful of people who took the mom of two's lead and showed that "bwisitspiration" is real. Journalist Bernadette Sembrano-Aguinaldo wrote in the comments of Bianca's post, "From HUGOT comes heART, I believe. So congratulations for being his BWISITspiration!"

    "Bwisitpiration turned into a beautiful masterpiece," another comment read. One person also agreed that painting is "actually a good outlet to release heavy vibrations that can affect our mood." Another person joked, "He is talented, bwisitin mo pa so he can do [another] exhibit."

    Many husbands and wives would agree (or maybe realizing it now). It's not just painting and other creative activities.

    One could be picking up a broom or a brush and cleaning the house or doing the laundry, watching the clothes tumble and turn in the washing machine (you're still getting something done!). Folding fresh-laundered clothes or rearranging clothes in the cabinet can be therapeutic and calming, too.

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    Getting a massage and shopping are two tasks wives might consider productive, but it's still up for debate with their husbands.

    Channeling negative energy into something productive and good also works even if you're upset about or something or an event — not just exclusive to when you're upset with your husband. So, what output do you channel your 'buwisit'?

    They say marriage is work, but love is always kind. Click here to find out ways you can build kindness in your relationships.

    What other parents are reading

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