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You'll Need A CENOMAR To Apply For Your Marriage License. Here's How To Get One Online
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  • Planning your marriage is both exciting and stressful. Exciting because you will finally be tying the knot with the love of your life and making your dream wedding come true, and stressful because of the many requirements (documents and seminars) that you'll need to accomplish. 

    One of the documents required from couples who are applying for a marriage license is a CENOMAR. (Click here for the full list of marriage license requirements)

    What is CENOMAR?

    Certificate of No Marriage Record (CENOMAR) is a certification issued by Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) and is a legal document which states that a person has not been married or, if they have been annulled from their previous marriage, serves as a proof that they are single and are allowed to remarry.

    CENOMAR is the major requirement in applying for marriage. However, there are other different purposes a CENOMAR can be used or required for like when applying for a fiancé visa, applying for a loan, for claiming a benefit, or it can also be just simply wanting to widen your scope of expertise and enrolling for a school.

    Information needed for requesting a CENOMAR

    When requesting a CENOMAR, the person who wishes to get the certification must provide the following information:

    • Complete name of the person requesting the document
    • Father’s name
    • Mother’s maiden name
    • Date of birth and place of birth
    • Complete address of the person requesting the document
    • The number of copies needed, or requesting
    • State the purpose of getting the certification

    Can I get my CENOMAR online?

    If you’re someone who doesn’t have that much spare time to go to a PSA office which provides CENOMAR, you can choose to apply for one online.

    You can get a CENOMAR online and have it processed and delivered right to your doorstep through the PSA Serbilis website whether you’re in the Philippines or abroad.

    However, you must take note that if the document you requested needs a manual research or retrieval from the paper archives, it will take an additional 10-15 days to have it processed and delivered to you. Rest assured that you will be informed regarding this matter should this be the case through the email address you have provided.

    How do I get CENOMAR online via PSA Serbilis?

    Through PSA Serbilis, having access to documents is easier and hassle-free as it delivers documents not only locally but abroad as well.

    With PSA Serbilis, applications made within the Philippines can expect their CENOMAR to be delivered after 7-13 days after a successful placement of order. For applications coming from abroad, it can take 6-8 weeks for the document to be delivered though Philpost mail. For faster delivery, Filipinos based abroad have the option to choose Special Courier Service.


    • Valid ID (must be presented to the courier for document claiming)
    • Authorization Letter with the owner’s valid ID and the authorized person’s valid ID, in case the owner is not present or available to claim the document from the courier
    • CENOMAR fee of Php430 for local delivery, USD 25.30 for delivery abroad, per copy
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    Step-by-step guide

    1. Access the PSA Serbilis official website.
    2. Click ‘Request’ tab and select ‘Online Application.’
    3. Click ‘Click here to request now’ button.
    4. Read the Terms and Conditions and click ‘I Agree’.
    5. Provide all information needed correctly, then click the ‘Next’ button after filling out the details needed.
    6. Double-check all the information you provided if they are correct, and then click the ‘Confirm’ button. (You can click ‘Change/Edit’ button if there are any errors)
    7. You will be redirected to the ‘Requests Summary Page.’ Click the ‘CENOMAR’ option to get started.
    8. Provide the additional information needed and then click ‘Save’ button.
    9. Review the information you provided. Click ‘Confirm’ if all are correct.
    10. Click ‘Submit’ button on the ‘Requests Summary Page.’ A ‘Batch Request Number’ will be given to be used as reference for payment.
    11. Print two (2) copies of the request page.
    12. Pay the application fee through different payment options available. Once payment is made, refund/cancellation will no longer be accepted.
    13. When making payments, make sure to always use the ‘Batch Request Number.’ After successfull payment, your order will be confirmed and processed.
    14. You can check the status of the delivery of your order through the site’s ‘Delivery Page.’

    You can also apply for your baby's birth certificate online! Click here for a guide.

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