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  • Real Moms Weigh In on Social Media Rules They Think Couples May Want to Follow

    These moms say avoid oversharing photos of everything you do every day.
    by Kate Borbon .
Real Moms Weigh In on Social Media Rules They Think Couples May Want to Follow
  • The popularity of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram has provided plenty of opportunities for people to share snippets of their daily lives including lovey-dovey photographs and sweet messages dedicated to their significant other. However, while these posts update their respective loved ones, it has gotten to a point that people now question what is appropriate to upload on your social media.

    We asked parents on Smart Parenting Village to weigh in on these so-called social media rules, and here are some of their suggestions.

    Don’t air your dirty laundry online

    Just like overly sappy posts, regular status updates about the issues and arguments you and your partner go through may simply be too much and awkward for your online friends.

    One mom on Smart Parenting Village puts it beautifully: “We don’t post something bad about us kapag nag-aaway kami, walang parinigan [or] double meaning quotes, walang nahingi ng simpatiya galing sa mga FB friends [because] at the end of the day we knew we were still a team, and as a team dapat walang laglagan.”


    She elaborated that ranting online about fights in your relationship, or even in your family as a whole, will not do anything to resolve the problem. Accurate, right?

    Another mom pointed out a great reason she and her partner prefer not to make their misunderstandings public: it invites the interference and criticism of people who are not involved in your relationship.

    “It’s better if you both keep it within the two of you,” she commented. “If you post it online, madami ang sasawsaw, which could even worsen the fight and [baka] lalo pa masira relationship niyo.”

    The moms’ tip: Talk your issues out in private!

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    Keep the cheesy tributes to a minimum on social media

    Many Smart Parenting Village members agreed couples may want to refrain from publishing too many cheesy, sappy posts on social media. Sweet tributes to your partner on special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries are lovely, but they wondered whether it was a good idea to treat your online account as if it were a love letter.

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    The sentiments may be deeply sincere, but there is always the risk that you will be misunderstood by your online friends, especially if your posts pop up on their timelines every day (or more frequently). As Fatherly advises, “Even if your words are genuine and heartfelt, you run the risk of being perceived as either someone who is protesting too much, or someone who is just doing it for the Likes.”

    In real life, the most inportant thing is, as this mom points out, “Okay na ‘ko sa isang ‘I love you’ bago matapos ang araw,” she wrote. “The most important is that we are okay bago matulog, at gigising tayo [nang] okay kinabukasan.”

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    Not every photo has to be uploaded

    Many moms in Smart Parenting Village feel that posting too many photos of yourselves and your family can compromise your privacy and safety.

    “Don’t share too much especially [about the] kids’ life,” one mom wrote. “We must limit ourselves in public view. Parents, please be aware that social media means public, and anything we click and share will be there forever. So we better be responsible for what we give to others about our family. Safety is important above all else.”


    As one mom wrote, make sure to think before you click! Being careful about what you post online is essential because the things you share on your social media reflect on both you and your spouse.

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