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Husbands, Listen: Here's How to Make Your Stay-At-Home Wife Feel Appreciated
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  • Despite the Herculean task stay-at-home moms (SAHMs) face every single day, there is still, sadly, little regard for the amount of work they do — not only from other people, but from their own family members, even. Their own partners are sometimes the cause of their stress because they don’t feel like they are treated equally just because they don’t have a “job.”

    One mom laid out her thoughts about being a stay-at-home mom and her appreciation for her husband, who is the family provider. 

    “My husband is the bread winner. He brings home the money that feeds our family, keeps a roof over our head, put clothes on their backs and it allows us to do a lot of fun thing! He plays a huge role in our family and I don’t know what I would do without him. But, here is the thing, I play a huge role too!” Nicole Christensen wrote.

    And because her husband understands this, Nicole says he is more than willing to lend her a hand in any way he can — but he is sometimes clueless how to do it.

    How to make your stay-at-home-wife feel appreciated

    Well, husbands, listen up. Your wife would really appreciate it if you:

    1. Don’t highlight the point that it’s you who makes money.

    Many couple arguments stem from discussions about finances. This subject is sticky enough when both individuals have jobs, moreso if there is a perceived inequality in this department. There’s a lot of sensitivities involved, and you don’t want to reduce your marriage to just being all about money.


    2. Appreciate the good, ignore the bad.

    From the time they open their eyes in the morning, SAHMs never run out of things to do, from cooking meals, cleaning up, pacifying a grumpy toddler, decluttering, etc that some tasks are bound not to get done. If you come from a place of gratitude, you’ll see the effort she put into keeping your home together (and the kids alive!).

    3. Offer to help by giving her time for herself. 

    Believe it — the five words your wife will appreciate the most are “I’ll take care of it.” We know, you’re tired from work, too, but often it’s the intention to help that matters more than the deed itself. (Of course, if you offer to help, make sure you do!)

    4. Thank your wife.

    Sure, you both are working hard. And you probably think there’s no need to verbalize it because she should already know you appreciate her, right? WRONG. Hearing you say it out loud validates her and gives her a sense of self, and as you know, a happy wife is a happy life.  

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