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  • Baby Zia and Dog Amigo's Photo Reminiscent of Marian Rivera's 'Marimar' and Fulgoso

    Plus, Kylie Padilla shows her baby bump for the first time, Rica Peralejo debuts first book, and more!
    by Rachel Perez .
  • Photo of Baby Zia and dog Amigo reminescent of Marian Rivera's 'Marimar' and Fulgoso


    It was the role that fast-forwarded her career as GMA's Primetime Queen. Marian couldn't help but remember the scenes she had to do with Marimar's dog Fulgoso when she posted a photo of her daughter Zia with their pet dog Amigo. "Awww si Mariamar at Fulgoso, este si letiZia at aMigo pala! Hahaha ang sarap nilang pagmasdan..." she wrote as caption. Zia's dad Dingdong Dantes also posted a photo of the two with the caption, "'You are now under my charming spell, Amigo' - Z," alluding to the growing friendship between Zia and Amigo.

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    Marian and Dingdong's fan club The DongYanatics, which recently celebrated its anniversary, couldn't resist posting a side-by-side photo. "Like mother, like daughter," the caption read. (gmanetwork.com)

    LOOK: Kylie Padilla shows off her growing baby bump


    For the first time, the Encantadia star flaunted her growing baby bump as she attended her first prenatal yoga class. Kylie is currently 19 weeks pregnant and is "pretty darn excited," according to her Stories on Instagram. She also said via Twitter that the baby's kicks are already keeping her up at night. After taking a break from her work commitments to focus on her pregnancy, Kylie has had a lot of free time immersing in educational materials. In another tweet, it dawned on her that she's not just absorbing information alone but that "the little one inside me is learning with me," she said.


    Kylie also personally wrote a love letter to her unborn baby and her fiancé Aljur via an Instagram post. Here's part of the poem she wrote: "Sweet little jellybean/With your eyes and your smile/Everything else a mystery/Just for a little while. A love letter addressed to you/Not one but two/You now have me its true/But you now have a little/Jellybean loving you too." Awww.  (gmanetwork.com)

    Rica Peralejo shares her life lessons in new book


    At the Google PH and Cosmo.ph's Celebrate Women event, the actress-turned-writer talked about her new book, Better than Jewels, in which she shares her reflections and insights on God’s Word as it applies to the everyday life, including the joys and trials of motherhood (of course!), generosity and gratitude, love and sacrifice, friendship, and the hard lessons from her own past. "God knows that no diamond, not even the best and biggest kind, can equal the value of grace I have received from His Word through the realities of life," Rica writes in her introduction. "Truly, His wisdom is more precious than jewels, far better than all of my earthly riches combined," she continued. Better than Jewels by Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio is sold for P425 in all OMF Literature and Passages bookshops nationwide, PCBS, National Bookstore branches, and online at passagesbooks.com.

    Recall alert: Gerber's Cheese Ravioli Pasta Pick-Ups


    Gerber is voluntarily recalling its Cheese Ravioli Pasta Pick-Ups for toddlers due to allergy concerns. The baby food company is giving parents a warning because, although eggs are listed in the ingredients list, it's not included in the "contains" warning section. Egg is one of the most common allergens that could trigger a reaction in kids. Symptoms of an egg allergy in kids include trouble breathing, hives, flushing or swelling skin, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, itching around the mouth, runny nose, rapid heartbeat, and low blood pressure. Gerber is now removing the product from stores as a precaution over the packaging missing information. (popsugar.com)


    Breastfeeding Cafe? Yes, they exist!

    In Buffalo, Minnesota, a Baby Café just opened up with this very goal in mind: to allow moms to get the information and support they need on breastfeeding, whether they're a newbie or a pro. The Baby Cafe is a joint effort of the Wright County Public Health and Allina Hospital, and is open even to moms who aren't necessarily having nursing issues, and pregnant moms who want to learn more about breastfeeding. The cafe serves refreshments and snacks, and there is also a weighing scale for babies and some breastfeeding pamphlets to take home. Moms are welcome to ask questions, share their experiences, and the best part? It's free of charge. "The goal of Baby Café is to support breastfeeding moms in whatever their goals are," shared Megan Ward, a lactation consultant and public health nurse. Here's to hoping someone opens up one in this part of the world soon. (babble.com)

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